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Gwen Serrotti

Why Xtraordinary Women?

Xtraordinary Women is a platform that Leads, Inspires, Supports and Recognises Entrepreneurs.

We believe that it takes a community to build a business and we support you in every step of your journey. We have a reputation for doing things…Xtraordinarily well!


I am so pleased you found us! When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I found it exceedingly difficult to navigate the waters of entrepreneurship. It was through truly connecting with others, I found the power of stories and the power of community.

Each and every person that I have come across has a powerful story or knowledge to share that inspires others. At Xtraordinary Women we are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in every aspect of their business and therefore, provide a platform that Leads, Inspires and Supports our community.

Our aim of our platform is to provide a trusted resource where entrepreneurs can find articles and information that can support them every step of their journey.

At Xtraordinary Women we are dedicated to inspiring success, passionate about dreaming big and creating a platform for magic to happen.

I, therefore, invite you to share your valuable resources that could assist our community in finding the support and inspiration they need to live their lives with purpose.

Establish yourself as an expert in your field and get your business seen by our community.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any queries about how to get your content in front of our community.


Audience Reach


Our audience is mainly women between the ages of 35 and 65 that are interested in starting a business or are entrepreneurs seeking inspiration and advice on business related topics. Many are affluent leaders and B2B Decision Makers.

Through our purpose driven online community, we lead, inspire, support, educate & empower women to start or grow a successful business.


You can submit one Guest Post per month, per company,  for free on one of the below mentioned categories (No author information).

Guest posts are a great way to reach new audiences by sharing your expertise in a particular niche.

Format: Word document or email. No .pdf’s please.
Topics: Only topics that are suitable for our audience will be accepted (refer to categories for guidelines).
Content Quality: Content should be of high quality with no spelling or grammatical errors. Articles must be engaging and informative. Provide a clear takeaway or learning for our readers.
Recommended Article Length: 1200+ words.
Edits: Xtraordinary Women reserves the right to edit articles if they are grammatically incorrect or to make them more readable. Articles can not be changed once it has been approved and published.
Images: Please provide a suitable high resolution .png image (Size: 560 x 280 for Blog Heading). Alternatively, Xtraordinary Women will source images that are complimentary to the article.
Non-Promotional: Articles are to be informational. Should you want to submit a promotional article, please refer to the Advertorial Section.
Approval: Xtraordinary Women reserves the right to decline a Guest Post submission if we deem the content unsuitable for our audience.
Accuracy: All content needs to be accurate. No fake news, click-bait or sales pitches will be accepted.
Links: You can include facts and research with reputable links.
Author Bio and High-Resolution Professional Profile Photo: All paid/sponsored posts and articles are to be accompanied by an author bio and photo. The author bio should not exceed 100 words and may include a link to your website’s homepage, Facebook Page, Twitter Profile and LinkedIn Profile. An example of an author bio can be found here.
Terms Of Use: By submitting an article, you agree to Xtraordinary Women using it on our website and will not claim for payment or copyright infringement now or in the future.

Once we have accepted your Guest Post/Article, we will send you a draft for approval.

1 Guest Post a Month – Free (No author information)
Additional Guest Posts – R300

Free Guest Posts are not shared on our Social Media Platforms, refer to Social Sharing for Rates.


Business Advice
Business Networking
Business Services
Legal Advice
Personal Development
Press Releases
Sales Tips
Social Media
Xtraordinary Woman of the Month
And more…


Business Advice
Business related topics to help start and grow a business.

Business Networking
Topics on how to network effectively, networking organisations etc.

Business News
Latest news from the business environment.

Business Services
B2B or B2C business services that support the entrepreneur.

Business Tools
Business tools and resources to help start, grow and manage a business.

Career Advice
Tips and information source for career practitioners.

Latest competitions and giveaways.

Free resources and downloads.

Education related topics.

Latest entertainment news and events.

All topics related to entrepreneurship, starting a business, SMME’s etc.

You are welcome to send us your upcoming events. Refer to Events below for more information.

Fashion & Beauty
Fashion and Beauty resources and trends.

Financial Advice
Tips and articles for financial wealth and management.

Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness related articles.

Inspirational articles, videos to inspire and motivate our audience.

Legal Advice
Articles on legislation, business governance & compliance, contracts, etc.

Articles related to social events (wine tastings, recipes,etc).

Articles on how to effectively market a business, digital marketing, marketing trends, etc.

Opinion: Op-Ed
Op-Ed articles.

Personal Development
Articles on improving self-awareness, self-knowledge, skills. Building or renewing identity/self-esteem. Developing strengths or talents. (Mental, Social Spiritual, Emotional).

Press Releases
Press Releases and Public Relations.

Sales Tips
Articles on sales skills, effective selling, social selling etc.

Social Media
Articles on Social Media tips and tricks, latest trends, blogging etc.

Tech Reviews
Reviews on the latest smartphones, gadgets and technology.

Articles on the latest development in the Tech World, Applications, E-commerce, etc.

Tourism & Travel
Articles related to anything in the tourism industry (travel tips, local restaurants, hotels, accommodation etc).

Women Entrepreneurs
Articles about Women Entrepreneurs, success stories, awards, women in business making a difference, etc.

Women in STEM
Articles about women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Women in the Workplace
Articles about women making a difference in the corporate world, leadership etc.

Xtraordinary Woman of the Month
Each month Xtraordinary Women showcases a woman that we believe will inspire and encourage women to dream big and to live their lives with purpose. Send us your nominations for consideration.

An advertorial is perfect to educate a prospective consumer about a product or service your business provides. An advertorial differs from a Guest Post, as you can include information about services that your business provides.

Advertorials are an ideal way to showcase your area of expertise in a particular niche, and at the same time provide more information on how your company can help our audience. Advertorials must provide value to our readers and through sharing your knowledge, encourage readers to find out more about your company.

As per Guest Posts, with the exception of the article being of a promotional nature. Articles must include educational content and not only promotional content.

Per Article – R400
Social Share Included

Get added exposure for your event by submitting your upcoming event. The following is to be included in your submission:

Title | Description | Date, start and end time | Venue | Name, contact and RSVP details Event Website | Cost | Event Image

Per Event – R150
Social Share not included – See Social Sharing for Rates.

Company Logo with link to your website is an additional way to create a visual representation for your business.

Per Logo – R200 p/m

Paid Guest Posts/Articles/Advertorials and Sponsored Content will be shared on the following platforms:

Xtraordinary Women Facebook Page
Xtraordinary Women Facebook Community Group
LinkedIn Company Page

Events will be shared on the following platforms:

Xtraordinary Women Events Calendar
Xtraordinary Women Facebook Page
Xtraordinary Women Community Group

Per Event – R200
Per Guest Post/Sponsored Content – R400


In our experience a giveaway or lucky prize is a wonderful opportunity to get extra exposure for your business.

A giveaway is to be accompanied by an informational article on a topic pertinient to the giveway.

Per Giveaway – R400


Xtraordinary Women reserves the right to change any of the condtions outlined here, upon receipt of submission,  without prior notice.

We reserve the right to reject any submission should we deem the content unsuitable for our audience and community.


E-Mail our Editor for any inquiries and submissions.


Gwen Serrotti is an extraordinary leader, supporter and networker. She personifies her brand. Her business network is head and shoulders above others in Cape Town because of her attention to detail and personal care towards her members. The support received by Xtraordinary Women and Gwen Serrotti has helped me and my business grow immensely. Xtraordinary Women help their members grow through inspirational meetings, leadership, 'tribe' support, and acknowledgement and recognition. I can highly recommend this network under Gwen's leadership.

Robyn Lambrick, CEO @ Word-on-the-Street Media

To Gwen Serrotti and the amazing team behind Xtraordinary Women, the Members and the Guests - it is so awesome to see the personal & business growth of both members and guests, as the months fly by! Thank you, Gwen, for your leadership, support and passion for others, the support you provide for entrepreneurs are truly inspiring .... the relationships that are formed are invaluable - thank you, thank you, thank you...

Michelle Vooght,

For me XtraOrdinary Women is just the coolest network to be a member of. All round hot favourite.

Rose McClement, Founder of Design Monarchy

The feeling of camaraderie and the honest sharing, is invaluable to any business. It is encouraging and very inspiring! It is as though you have an extended family in the business world.

Charmaine Willemse, Rooibos Always

Thank you Xtraordinary Women for all your support and connecting so many inspirational women. I've made lifelong powerful connections by attending your networking events!

Marnita Oppermann, Mindful Money Coach

The Xtraordinary Women Network did wonders to me as a business person. It let me be and understand that I am not alone in this (business) world and that we all struggle with similar things. Money aside: Support at this network rocks!

Bashia Galt, i-Check Data Solutions