Move into acceptance. Acceptance is the first step to healing. Accept what you are feeling and be in the present moment first. Then move into receiving and allowance. Acceptance moves us into flow. Resistance keeps us stuck. We hear this guidance so often…but do we know how to do it?

How do move into a state of acceptance when your entire being feels angered, frustrated, or scared?

Here are some things you can try to help you with acceptance:

The Serenity Prayer4 Powerful Ways To Ease Into Acceptance By Michelle Vooght
“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.  The courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”.  Thank you. So it is.

Often, I have found that when I am deeply hurt, I pray and ask for Divine Support. I know that my Higher Self understands and always comes from a point of no judgement and unconditional love. Whenever I say the Serenity Prayer, I am speaking from my Higher Self Perspective. You should feel calmer after this; calm enough to know what the next step is.

Nurture Yourself
Do something self-nurturing. Take time out, take a nap! Light a candle with beautiful music. Spoil yourself with something nice.  When you choose the action of self-love, your vibrational frequency changes and you will be gently reminded that it is OK.  When our hearts are open, we let the Higher Self in. Love moves you into acceptance because it is what love does.

When we meditate we connect to Source.  In a way, you are re-booting. Our Higher Self is always present with Silent Wisdom when we meditate. It doesn’t matter that we do not hear it immediately. It shouldn’t be this lightning bolt from the sky that suddenly speaks. It simply moves us back to reconnect with who we truly are. It simply switches the Soul Light on as we come back from that stillness. Somehow, everything looks and feels different. The acceptance is almost tangible.

Asking is a great, great gift. The act of asking moves us into allowing support, wisdom, healing, vulnerability, sensitivity, love, and trust. You see, asking is not only saying, “I don’t know or I am weak”, asking is saying “In this moment I embrace all that is on its way to me to move me to a place of understanding”. In this vibration, there can only be acceptance. Resistance fades and you experience the healing and clarity that acceptance brings.

Move into acceptance today. What you accept flows. What you resist, persists. Once you do this, Inner Harmony will follow.

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