Mistakes are great – if we are learning from them, right?  That is key – learning from our mistakes is the catalyst for growth.  It is what separates rookies from serial entrepreneurs.

Marketing for entrepreneurs is a passion of ours – helping businesses realize their potential by helping them develop a communications road map for their business is what excites us – watching a client roll it out and succeeding is better than winning the lottery!

When a business fails there are normally only three areas that are investigated: financial management, operational flow, and marketing strategy.

You cannot only streamline the finances and operational flow of the business and ignore or avoid the marketing aspects of your business – that’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

Stopping or avoiding marketing has been likened to a businessman winking in the dark at his wife – he knows what he is doing but his poor wife or partner is none the wiser!  Lost energy and lost intent!

An important lesson I learned is feeling that you’re doing the wrong thing in marketing your business and doing it anyway because you don’t know how to correct it, is a missed opportunity to grow and shine. There are never any problems – only opportunities to grow and shine!

So with this in mind, let’s look at a few rookie marketing mistakes we’ve come across in our time in entrepreneurville:

  • Entrepreneurs developing a brand for themselves – instead of their customer
  • Not having a set brand voice, tone, language, and style for your brand
  • Not knowing who your target audience is
  • Not knowing what your target audience needs and wants from your brand or business
  • Not truly knowing and understanding your bulls-eye target audience’s lifestyle, life-stage and not tailor-making your communications to the key touchpoints of their traditions, habits, and rituals
  • Not knowing what mediums are consumed and used by your bulls-eye target audience
  • Not having a location-based marketing strategy; 5-10 km radius in and around your business location
  • Not having a retail/sales strategy designed to bring cash into your business on a regular basis
  • Not measuring return on investment properly
Marketing Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs by Robyn Lambrick

You cannot only streamline the finances and operational flow of your business and ignore or avoid the marketing aspects. Click To Tweet

  • Not reviewing and regrouping on a campaign to learn from mistakes and takeouts
  • Not willing to try something new – risk-averse means growth-adverse
  • Spamming; especially on social media and inboxes
  • No call to action; what do you want your customer to do next?
  • Entrepreneurs try do wear too many hats; trying to do it all themselves and they end up being a jack of all trades and master of none. This is reflected in the growth of their business and their sales figures at the end of the year.

It is difficult to constantly to market your own business, but therein lies the secret, don’t do it by yourself, get help. At Word on the Street Media Marketing, we surround ourselves with like-minded entrepreneurs and companies who we collaborate with to deliver the absolute best service and value to our customers 24/7. Original article posted here.

About the Author

About the Author

Robyn Lambrick: CEO & Founder of Word on the Street Media Marketing

Robyn has over 30 years’ experience in the advertising and marketing industry-leading client service and DTP teams to deliver on marketing and advertising deadlines – never missing a deadline in all her years of working. 22 years were spent working on large retail accounts like Shoprite, Checkers and Aroma Liquor stores. After a 5-year stint as the GM of one of the largest advertising agencies in Cape Town, Robyn decided to put all her years of experience not her passion – entrepreneurship and building communities.