Toni Carroll originally studied and started her work career as a creative designer, but her entrepreneurial spirit finally got the better of her. Always dabbling in side-hustles with the industry that fed her soul, whilst working in various corporate jobs to make ends-meet, she finally started out on her own.

She’s started her own business many times! She’s failed many times, but each step had a learning curve and was indeed just another step forward to ultimate success.

Growing up in JHB and starting off her young adult life definitely fueled her drive and busy nature. Moving to Durban and now making her home in Cape Town, she has found a surrounding that boosts her holistic outlook on life (even if she still drives like a Joburger).

Toni Carroll has been in the beauty, health, wellness and fitness industries for over 20 years – making her passion her life and spreading her exciting energy wherever she goes. 

Please tell us a little more about yourself and your journey thus far.Xtraordinary Woman of the Month Toni Carroll

Well basically, I woke up one day and knew that I could absolutely not work for a boss any longer. I was petrified but knew that my happiness lay in this decision and so resigned that very day. From that moment onwards I never looked back. I started selling other people’s health and beauty products (as an independent sales and distribution agency) into all major retailers, salons and health shops across South Africa.

This gave me massive insight into what kind of products were on offer. I soon realised that I should be putting this effort into my own products and creating my own brand!  It is the best decision I have ever made! 

Please tell us a little more about how your company came about.

In 2014 I started one of the very first online professional haircare stores in South Africa, ‘Hair Today Hair Tomorrow’, whilst still working in a corporate job. I was a partner in a hair salon and had access to all the professional hair care brands. The aim was to provide quality, professional-grade products to the then “new” and exciting online shopping community.

After a few years, I recognised a gap in the market: the need for a holistic approach to hair health. With this in mind (and making the conscious decision to go all-in, no more corporate), I began introducing ingestible health products to my platform.

My investigations led from the original focus on hair, to skin and nails, and ultimately overall inner and outer beauty. 

Should you be busy with any interesting initiatives, please tell us a little more about it.  

I am busy with two very exciting new products, earmarked to launch the end of this year and beginning of 2023. The company has been researching and gathering mind-blowing new ingredients to use in key future formulas, which is extremely exciting as we are the first to market these in SA. 

What is it that you are passionate about?

Nature and beauty! The power that pure nature gives us, internally and externally.

Our responsibility as custodians of this planet is to be kinder to it. As consumers, we need not all identify as vegan or vegetarian, but we certainly need to be 100% aware of the products we ingest and use.

Where do they come from? How are they treated? Are they pure?

I am also passionate about educating people on their health, their mental health and their spiritual journey. It is so important to nurture and take care of our spiritual wellbeing and so often, this is overlooked.

Being a female entrepreneur and motivating and guiding other females, is very important to me. I hope one day to host workshops for women looking to start their own business.

Who or What has been the biggest influence in your life and why?

My father and my granny have been my two biggest influencers.

My father was the ultimate entrepreneur and no matter what business I started (and failed), he was always enthusiastic, interested and extremely helpful. He dealt with all situations with courage and head-on, it was infectious! Before he became ill and passed away recently, my last phone call with him left me, like always, motivated and ready to tackle a new challenge we were discussing.

My dear granny (who turns 99 in April), was the matriarch of the family and I remember her working up until the day she turned 85. She is the most generous person I know and often find myself thinking ‘what would my gran do’ when I am faced with a challenging person, or situation. Her selfless kindness and generosity will stay with me forever.

What is your personal “motto”?

Have courage and be kind. (My dad and gran in a nutshell).

What advice would you give a woman wanting to follow her dreams?

Just start! Methodically and with purpose, and the rest will follow. If you trust your instincts, believe in yourself and find the courage to lead, good things will come your way. Always remember you have something unique to offer. You are here for a purpose, and it’s your earthly duty to share this with the world.

Who or what is your inspiration and why?

My competitors inspire me. I closely follow what the market is doing locally and globally, what companies and brands are formulating, it inspires me to not only be on trend but to get ahead too. It is extremely important to move with the market AND be a first-to-market.

I am inspired by ‘perfection’, by attention to detail and by the beauty of supreme art and high-design.

What advice would you give your younger self?

People will disappoint you – you will be spoken about untruthfully, unkindly and with jealousy, it will break your heart. Understand that this is not a reflection on YOU, but rather their own internal battle. Bless them and send them love and light so that your spirit is clean, and be on your way.

Keep your sense of humour! Your thoughts ultimately are reflected on your face, smile in your head and it will show.

Your favourite daily affirmation:

Infinite spirit – I cast the burden of doubt and fear on the Christ within, and I go free to have ultimate faith and ultimate knowing and infinite, unlimited supply, for there is only ONE power.

Your favourite quote:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Henry Ford.

Which book are you currently reading?

Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson.
Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby.
The Master Key System by Charles Haanel.

What are your top 3 business tips?

  1. Don’t waste time on activities that don’t bring in revenue – these can be outsourced or delegated to other staff members.
  2. Follow and trust your gut completely.
  3. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket – have back up plans for the most crucial areas of your business that you don’t have total control over (or have inhouse), for example manufacturing, raw material suppliers, photographers. You never know if something will happen with the external company you are relying on, so it’s wise to have a second or third option in your back pocket just in case.

Do you have any beauty hacks that you would like to share?

Simple – get enough good quality sleep!

Blend up an entire lemon and keep this in the fridge. Add some of the pulp to every glass of water you drink throughout the day.

Are there any lifestyle changes required for the best beauty results?

Anti-stress IS anti-ageing. We all need to understand the connection between stress and ageing and illness.

A lifestyle shift towards inner ingestible beauty is as necessary as a lifestyle shift away from pressure and stress.

Can you explain the term Biohacking and how you used this to your advantage in your business.

Biohacking is basically “do-it-yourself” biology. I have used this in gearing my products towards improving beauty performance, health, and wellbeing.

My ingredients are researched, have scientific trials/tests to back them up, are ethically and sustainably sourced, and I compile and formulate them for maximum benefit.

What are your most valuable lessons learnt as a female entrepreneur?

It is still very much a man’s world out there and they are highly competitive. I have learnt that women who run their own successful businesses are far more supporting to each other – especially in SA.

I have also learnt that almost all people mistake kindness for weakness, which is a sad lesson to learn, but also a vital one.

What would you say is your secret to success?

Believing 100% in myself.  Knowing that what I am doing is life-changing to the customers who use the products.

Uncompromising on quality in every area of the business – from timeous correspondence, to top-quality ingredients, to paying suppliers on time. Not only does this build a successful business, but it nurtures total trust in the company which, to me, is our number one priority.

If you are running your own business then it needs to be something you absolutely LOVE doing, for then it doesn’t become ‘work’ for you, it becomes a ‘pleasure’ for you. This feeling of ‘pleasure’ needs to infiltrate every aspect of the business, and for my business this is another secret to our success.

One piece of general advice that you’d like to share:

Every human being that is born into the world has exactly the same number of hours in a day.

What are you going to do with the hours that are given to you? Which of these hours are you going to set aside for sleep, learning, creativity, energy spending, passion fulfilling? Learn what your body needs and when it needs it within these 24 hours of a day, you will never feel like you’ve done a half job again.

Is there anything that Xtraordinary Women can do to assist you on your journey?

I love networking and meeting new people. I would love to meet more female entrepreneurs so we can share in our success and open new doors of opportunity!

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