Let’s talk about your B2B business today. How do you go about marketing your B2B services on social media?

Based on the last quarter’s social selling that you’ve done, what do the results look like? Are you gaining traction socially, are you closing more deals, are there more leads in your sales pipeline?

Hmm, good questions to think about! Hopefully you’ve got access to these stats and they are making you smile. If you’re looking at the data and your heart skipped a beat because you aren’t seeing any form of ROI, well then perhaps it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Taking this heavy topic a step back, let’s first take a look at what is social selling.

Social Selling Broken Down
The essence of social selling is the quite simply having the ability to leverage the power of any given social media platform to increase business relationships, gain more prospects and ultimately close more deals.

Simple, right? Good! Because as humans we show a tendency to over-complicate things. There’s an expression that everyone knows the acronym of, KISS, which means Keep It Simple Stupid.

So based on that don’t complicate your social selling approach.

4 Simple rules for your B2B Marketing Strategy
Before we get into the nitty-gritty of your marketing strategy, first ask yourself what you want to achieve with every marketing campaign that you put out.

If you understand what your end goal is it’s going to be so much easier to reverse engineer the process to attain this goal.

Here are a few tips to get you going. As always, it’s not the be-all and end-all, merely a snapshot of what you should be achieving with your marketing strategy.

  1. Have many followers, however, attract more leads
    I have found that many business owners are active on social media for the sake of being active. There appears to be no apparent rhyme or reason to the posts they share, and it’s not unique to the platform they are sharing on. They may be able to gain many followers, which looks good, however, if you had to ask them honestly what percentage of these followers would ever become leads and then clients, I can guarantee that amount will be very very low.The point is, have engagement with more people who could potentially become leads as opposed to just looking at increasing your followers number.
  2. Make use of Landing Pages
    I often describe Landing Pages as a mini-website to those who don’t understand the lingo. A landing page is a dedicated sub-page on your website or on a separate domain that focusses on one service only. The landing page contains many CTA’s (call-to-actions) and in an informative manner takes the visitor through both features and benefits of the particular service featured on this page.Make sure you use converting content on your landing page, and have a contact form for the visitor to complete so that you may contact them in future (favouring the data protection act of course!).
  3. Engage in meaningful online conversation
    If you meet someone at a networking event more than likely you’ve taken possession of their business card and months down the line you’re either hunting that business card down or when you see it lying in your desk drawer you’re not sure why you have it.I always recommend that if you meet someone at a networking event immediately connect on LinkedIn and keep the conversation going online. When you are ready to engage in business it makes it so much easier to keep track of why you originally connected.
  4. Measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of your marketing strategy
    It’s great to have well thought out marketing strategies, with effective marketing campaigns that convert followers into leaders and then into paying clients.However, are you measuring the ROI of each campaign? Are you monitoring wherever the ad you placed on Facebook is bringing in more leads than the publication you share on LinkedIn?The best way to measure your ROI? Tie together your sales efforts, CRM and social media outreach so that you can track your conversions, which will give you a better reflection of your marketing efforts.

Bringing it together
As business owners we want to see tangible results from our marketing efforts. It’s so important to keep track of the numbers and data to ensure that you are on the right track, and also to discard any strategies that aren’t giving you the return you planned on.

Keep working on your marketing strategy, social selling is such a great way to engage your audience and to keep the conversation going. Know your conversions, keep track of the data and keep tweaking until you have found your winning formula.

Happy selling!

Karen has facilitated and hosted many sales masterclasses, workshops and training sessions to not only boost sales confidence however to also instill sales skills and tools that are personalised to each individual. To learn more visit her website on www.karenwessels.com or contact her directly on Karen@karenwessels.com.