Through the years I have learned a lot of business lessons thanks to my very fulfilling entrepreneurial journey. I have loved every moment of it, from the joys to the tears, the lessons learned and everything in between.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned these past few years is the power of great content. Most of us are so skittish when it comes to sales and anything sales related, that we shut down all avenues of thinking when we hear that so-called dreaded word 🙂

So let’s make sales fun and light-hearted again, and the best way to do that is to leverage your social presence through sharing great content.

If you take a look at the current greats like Neil Patel or Gary Vaynerchuk, you will have noticed that they eat, live and breathe great content. It’s the most consistent thing they preach about, put out great content. I believe that this is one of the best ways to build relationships before entering the sales conversation.

How do we do this?

  1. First things first, you need to identify your target market, who is that one ideal customer you would love to have on your books that can afford you and they align with your business vision? This will help with giving direction to everything else.
  2. Once your target market (buyer persona) has been identified, you need to ascertain which social media platforms they hang out on (not your favourites!). Remember you’re building this content for your audience.
  3. Now you need to build and share an amazing content strategy for your target market on their ideal social platforms. It could be one platform only or 3, but whatever it is, ensure that you create unique content for each platform, and that you share regularly.

Tip: Schedule your social media calendar for 3 months in advance. It does take work however it pays off in the end.

Great content should contain the following elements:

  • Inviting: Great content is inviting and invites the visitor (your ideal target market) to keep coming back for more.
  • Attractive: Great content is attractive, so make use of high quality images. There are loads of sites which offer excellent quality stock photos.
  • Informative: Great content is highly informative, we like to refer to this as edu-selling. So the content you share should be educational and informative, so much so, that your visitor keeps tabs on your account to learn something new every week.
  • Relevant: Great content is relevant, not only to the time we’re living in, but more importantly, relevant to the visitor. This is why it’s so important to really understand your buyer persona, then you won’t have a problem with this.
  • Value: As is with everything you do; your content should always add value. That takes into account the list above and then some.

Bringing it together

Why does great content mean that you can increase your sales? It’s simple. Nowadays we need to build brand awareness and instill trust in prospective clients before they will consider doing business with you. By sharing great content you get to do just that. With your amazing content you are laying the foundation for a sound business relationship, establishing credibility, becoming a thought leader and getting a name for yourself, all before you’ve even picked up the phone to schedule that sales meeting.

Content is King! And social media offers you the perfect opportunity to do most (if not all) of this for free.

Happy selling!

Karen has facilitated and hosted many sales masterclasses, workshops and training sessions to not only boost sales confidence however to also instill sales skills and tools that are personalised to each individual. To learn more visit her website on or contact her directly on