How do you engage with change? Do you ignore it? Do you get angry at it? Do you have a secret wish to ‘keep everything as it is for as long as possible? Do you resist it at all costs?

Change is an act or process through which something becomes different. It is a process that moves through stages. Each person moves through the process of change at their own pace, experiencing their own unique emotions. Change can be disruptive and disturbing, frustrating, scary, looming, and ultimately destructive. On the upside change can bring growth, development, joy, happiness, newness and experiences that exceed our wildest expectations.

The Saboteur archetype is our Guardian of Choice and works in our power factory. It supports us in inviting change into our lives. When we consciously choose to face the challenges in our lives, approaching them with a knowing that you have choice in the matter, you empower yourself to have ownership over the outcomes.

The choice can also be to ignore the challenge, to not make a decision and not take actions in the direction of your vision or end-in-mind. This is what we call self-sabotage. What does it look like in your life when you leave things to ‘chance’?

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Article by Elana Sonnenberg, Founder of YellowTreeHub.