Resistance protects us from unknown dangers. There is an interface point between change and not changing – it is the place where you will feel that you do not know what to do or what to feel’.

This is the point where you are called to gain more clarity and to make a decision. It is the place where you have to bring to light the facts and considerations that allows you to gain clarity, confidence and momentum to move forward. It is also at this point where one needs to confront your limiting mindsets and perspectives, values and beliefs and addictive patterns.

It is the point where you come up against yourself and your need to control the outcome. Our ‘resistance’ will hold us back and will slow us down if we do not develop the courage and self-confidence to bravely move in the direction of one’s dreams.

‘Resistance to change’ is a strong and deliberate strategy of the ego to hold onto what is known for as long as possible. Kept unchecked it will cause chaos in your internal world.

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Article by Elana Sonnenberg, Founder of YellowTreeHub.