Many marketing gurus advise that blogging should form part of your Social Media Strategy. However, for many, this can be a daunting task as we often don’t know what to blog about, or even how to approach it.

We asked Nicola Meyer, avid Lifestyle Blogger, Owner & Editor at Run On Coffee, to share her insights on blogging with us.

Nicola Meyer: Lifestyle Blogger, Owner + Editor @ Run On Coffee. Hi! I’m Nicola and I live in beautiful KwaZulu-Natal in the suburb of Kloof which is just outside Durban. I have been married for 25 years and my husband and I have 2 children plus 2 dogs and 2 dwarf hamsters. Blogging is something that happened by chance when I turned 40 and it has allowed me to become confident and to meet new people. I work part time doing job costing, full time doing housework and when I have a moment I love doing paper crafts and I make Travellers Notebooks, which I hope to start selling soon.

Below is the questions, together with the answers that Nicola shared with us.

@XOrdinaryWomen: Q1: What is blogging and why has it become so popular? #XWBizChat

Q1 Blogging How it can help your business

@NicolaLMeyer: A1: Blogging started out as an online personal web log of people sharing about their daily lives. It became popular when people (and brands) discovered that it could also be used for marketing purposes. #XWBizChat


@XOrdinaryWomen: Q2: What is an effective strategy to follow if a business wants to start blogging? #XWBizChat

Q2 Blogging - How it can help your business

@NicolaLMeyer: A2: First question: Do you have time? If the answer is yes you must then take a look at your website & business & look for “information gaps.” Are there questions that people ask that the FAQ are not covering sufficiently? #XWBizChat


@XOrdinaryWomen: Q3: Can a business make money blogging? #XWBizChat

Q3 Blogging - How it can help your business

@NicolaLMeyer: A3: The answer is Yes & No. NO: If your business is trying to use blogging to make money then you are selling the wrong product. YES: Fresh content & articles (with SEO & Keywords) will help customers find your website. #XWBizChat


@XOrdinaryWomen: Q4: Is there a downside to blogging? #XWBizChat

Q4 Blogging - How it can help your business

@NicolaLMeyer: A4: As in life there is always a downside. Blogging requires time – a lot of time. You also need ideas to write about & you need to offer more than blog articles (up to date social media). The pay-off isn’t immediate as it takes time to build readership. “Haters gonna hate”. #XWBizChat


@XOrdinaryWomen: Q5: Can you please share some top blogging tips with us? #XWBizChat

Q5 Blogging - How it can help your business

@NicolaLMeyer: A5a: 1. BE REAL! 2. Use a Content Calendar to plan what you wish to post. 3. If you don’t have anything for the blog make sure you post something to your social media channels. #XWBizChat


@NicolaLMeyer: A5b: 4. Sign up for the social media channels that are right for you: Facebook is great for showing your product or service & you can post to groups or sites relevant to you. Instagram is the pretty photo site (please use your best photos). Twitter is the chatting channel (be aware that it is also the complaints channel). #XWBizChat


Summary of Some of the Participants Comments and Answers:
@GwenSerrotti A1: I guess blogging has become popular as it is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. #XWBizChat
@NicolaLMeyer A1: Blogging can also add that personal touch to your website. People can get a better feel of the person behind the business #XWBizChat
@NicolaLMeyer A2:That is why one of the things that need to be decided is if a business owner has time. A regular schedule needs to be stuck to #XWBizChat
@GwenSerrotti I SO agree with this. As you have to be constant in business! What is the recommended? Once a week, month? #XWBizChat
@NicolaLMeyer I think as a business every 2 weeks should be manageable. But don’t push yourself. Ease into it. #XWBizChat
@NicolaLMeyer I think social media must also be treated like a Blog. You are showing yourself and your business. A mini post can be done on Facebook and Instagram #XWBizChat
@NicolaLMeyer A Blog for a business must be seen as a driving force. It must steer people to your business or your business website. The Blog is that waving man outside your door #XWBizChat

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