We live in a world where ease and speed are expected – our impatience grows stronger every day. This doesn’t stem from a sense of entitlement but is a product of constant evolution and innovation. This applies even more so to make payments.

Enter Halo Dot – which uses NFC technology to make contactless card payments more accessible, faster, and more secure than ever. Halo is the first of its kind in Africa and allows any merchant to instantly receive payments. Customers need to simply tap their cards on the merchant’s phone to make a payment.

The solution opens the door to informal retailers, spaza stores, and street vendors to accept a safer alternative to cash and give them the opportunity to accept card transactions. They will no longer be blocked by the cost of point of sale (POS) devices and the maintenance that can come with it.

Pierre Aurel, Head of Product at Halo Dot, unpacks the opportunities that NFC technology can have on the South African industry, as well as reasons why merchants and their customers should embrace the technology, including:

– There is no Hardware required – NFC technologies mean it is as simple as tapping a card on the merchant phone, entering their PIN number, and paying for a product or service.
– Security is paramount – NFC technology provides a slick payment experience for merchants and customers while handling all the security, encryption, and payment processing behind the scenes.
– NFC empowers micro-merchants – Ideal for small businesses as there are no subscription costs or device support fees to worry about.
– Low-value transactions – no minimum payment amount required.

About Halo Dot:
Halo Dot is a contactless card payment technology that allows merchants to make sales and accept payments directly on their mobile phones. Customers simply tap their payment card on the Merchant’s device to complete a safe and secure contactless payment. Our Tap-on-Phone technology has been developed for Android devices and has been certified for Visa, Mastercard and American Express. View more about Halo Dot here.