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There is a widespread misperception that extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) cannot be used for cooking outside of the Mediterranean area. We’re here to dismiss any misunderstandings and assure you that EVOO is absolutely suitable for cooking.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils, according to studies. This means that people in Italy, Spain, and Greece, who have been using this liquid gold for hundreds of years, have been on the right track all along. Here is all you need to know about using extra virgin olive oil safely and efficiently.

EVOO has a higher smoke point that you may think
The majority of people claim that extra virgin olive oil is unsuitable for cooking because it has a low smoke point, or the temperature at which oil stops shimmering and begins to smoke. The temperature at which undesirable tastes and harmful substances might begin to form is known as the “smoke point.” But what’s this? Actually, EVOO doesn’t have a low smoke point!

In reality, the majority of research indicate that the smoke point of extra virgin olive oil is between 176 and 210 degrees Celsius, which covers the majority of cooking methods. Because the smoke point of an oil varies on its free fatty acid (FFA) composition—the lower the acidity, the higher the smoke point—EVOO has a smoke point range rather than a particular value.

Even higher smoke points for other EVOO varieties are possible. Fresher, higher-quality oil may not begin to smoke until it reaches a temperature of roughly 218 degrees Celsius, much over the frying temperature.

How to cook with EVOO
Extra virgin olive oil is a fantastic all-purpose cooking oil due to its moderate to high smoke point, plenty of heat-stable monounsaturated fats, and high quantities of polyphenols and antioxidants. It may be baked, roasted, sautéed, fried in a skillet, or blended into soups to add a little more creaminess. Do not forget that EVOO also works wonders as a salad dressing, a finishing touch for completed foods, and a dipping oil for fresh bread.

Remember that the precise taste you desire in a meal can also influence the best kind of olive oil to use while cooking. The distinctive flavour of EVOO may transform ordinary stir-fries and even baked products.

Consider using normal or light olive oil instead if you like a more delicate or neutral flavour.

When different types of oil are called for in a recipe, olive oil can be used in place of them both. But do bear in mind the conversions below when using olive oil in place of butter or margarine.

The bottom line is; forget everything you’ve been told about cooking with extra virgin olive oil! In addition to being excellent for salad dressings, bread dipping, and finishing oils, scientific research indicates that using EVOO in almost all culinary situations is completely safe, stable, and nutritious. You may easily maximise the nutritional value of your meal by using premium extra virgin olive oil for baking, roasting, sautéing, pan-frying, and other cooking methods as long as you like the flavour.

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