Sales isn’t always about numbers. Don’t get me wrong, in fact, numbers are important in sales, however, so is developing relationships.

Remember, people buy from people. And this human-based sales journey is very important as we all mature in our sales story.

What’s key to remember is to make your sales process about your client, their needs, their pains, their story and not about you meeting your monthly sales targets. The moment you shift that focus back to numbers your clients will sense this and not be so committed to buying from you.

Sales is a process and you ultimately want to walk away with the deal, this is the whole reason you engaged with your prospect, so it’s very important to close the deal.

What is the easiest way to close deals more successfully and faster?

Here are a few of my favourite tips.

Closing deals faster, smoother, easier

  1. Know your market
    Prospecting can be a rather challenging part of the sales process. And this can be exacerbated if you’re not speaking to the right people. You need to quickly identify who the influencers are within the company you are targeting. This will help streamline the sale and speed up the decision-making process. Pinpointing the right stakeholders in every sale is a crucial first step in closing sales: it saves you time, effort, and reputation.
  2. Being prepared is key
    Now that you have identified who your market is, be sure to be super prepared when presenting to them. This means tailoring your presentation and approach to speak directly with the person you are presenting to. Don’t use a generic approach during this part of the sales process. It will show and more than likely hurt you. You want to move closer to a “yes”, so go the extra mile, do your research and come to the meeting prepared. Also make sure your paperwork is in order and that you have your ducks in a row. Should your prospect say to you in your presentation they want to sign up, what will your response be?
  3. Marry their problem with your solution
    Don’t pitch your product, rather pitch your solution. The moment you marry up their pain with your solution, you move your prospect that much closer to saying “yes”. By presenting your product or service in this manner you are showing the prospect that you really understand what their situation is, what is important to them and that you are in this for the long-haul.
  4. Ask for the sale
    Do it! I often ask for the sale. I’ve learned not to shy away from asking my prospective client whether they want to do business with me or not. You are not hurting the sales process by doing this. In fact, you’re doing yourself a favour. The client will know from the early stages whether they want to do business with you and this question will nudge them in the right direction. Also, now you are presented with an opportunity to allay any fears they may have and address any further concerns from their side. Easy, simply ask for the sale!

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