The pandemic catalysed an already-accelerating rate of digital transformation, where the old ways of doing things — from grocery shopping to work — changed irreversibly. Digital adoption and the digital skills needed to embrace the transformation became critical to the survival of businesses. As a result, global demand for workers – specifically those with advanced digital skills – has never been greater.

And, the demand for digital skills was similarly impacted, as companies quickly shifted from physical headquarters to embracing a digital HQ mentality. Despite this demand, Salesforce’s 2022 Global Digital Skills Index identified that everyday digital skills among the workforce are lagging. Globally, nearly three out of four people believe they lack the resources to learn the digital skills required to succeed. This presents both a problem and an opportunity for businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve.

Salesforce has created the Digital Skills Learner Profiles to reveal a new way for individuals to self-identify their skill level, and for businesses to understand their current and prospective workforce.

So, are you prepared for a digital future? Are you just staying focused on the here and now? Take our quiz below to find out…

Established Skill Seekers
You are highly skilled in all aspects when it comes to your digital skills, both at work and in your everyday life. Whether it be encryption, coding at work, researching or setting up the latest smart technology in your home, you have it covered. Your advanced skills development is likely due to your continued investment in your own learning and development – you love any opportunity to learn something new!

When it comes to your learning style, visual, hands-on activities tend to be the most compelling. As a dynamic learner, finding a workforce that allows you to feel continuously challenged is the best way to keep you engaged and ensure you continue evolving your digital skills.

Are you an Established Skill Seeker looking to skill up? Here are some tools to help level up your Digital Skills.

Living in the Now
When it comes to digital skills required and knowledge in the workplace you are competent but know there is some room for improvement. Whilst you can confidently use collaborative technology to chat with your teams and the basic technology platforms that your role requires, the thought of data visualisation or app development is too much right now.

You feel well equipped and prepared for the demands of your current role and confident in your ability to succeed. You are taking action to hone the skills required now, but you aren’t necessarily considering how these skills will transfer to future roles or career changes – you are very much living in the now!

When it comes to upskilling, training that contains visual and interactive activities tends to be the best way to keep you engaged. Finding a workplace that encourages and incentivises you to take part in upskilling training is important to ensure you remain ahead of the curve in a digital future.

Are you a Living in the Now learner looking to skill up? Here are some tools to help level up your Digital Skills.

Unprepared Prepareds
You can certainly keep up with the digital demands of everyday life. Social media, web navigation and smart device set ups are easy enough.

But when it comes to the digital skills required in the workplace, you often struggle. You typically look for workaround solutions over asking for help and investing in training because you may not necessarily know which skills you need to work on.

One thing that you can do to help is actively seek out and take up training opportunities that are offered to you. The workplaces that will allow you to thrive are those that incentivise and encourage you to do so. When it comes to training, visual and interactive activities tend to resonate best with you, alongside reading and note-taking.

Are you an Unprepared Prepared looking to skill up? Here are some tools to help level up your Digital Skills.

Everyday Skills Seeker
You often struggle when it comes to the digital demands of your current role. Setting up a team video call or using your organisation’s sales/marketing platform takes time and there are many hurdles along the way.

All this workplace technology leaves you feeling overwhelmed and nervous for the future. However when it comes to the digital demands of everyday life you are competent, for instance social media, web navigation and smart device set ups are easy enough to tackle.

Right now you’re focusing on your everyday digital skills, but it’s time to start thinking about the skills you’ll need for the future workplace. Engaging with a mentor at work, for example, could be a great way to get out of your comfort zone and upskill yourself. Partnering with someone with more advanced digital skills could be a good place to start.

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Timid Learners
Whether it be at work or home, all this technology leaves you feeling overwhelmed and you question why pen and paper ever went out of fashion. You often find yourself struggling with the most basic tech, be it setting up a team video call when working from home or coordinating an online bank transfer to your mom.

You feel overwhelmed by the pace of change we are seeing in technology and are hesitant about your ability to keep up with the demands of your current and future roles. You know you need training but don’t know where to start.

The best way to tackle this is to take it step by step, being part of a workforce that encourages you to upskill is crucial for your development. Finding colleagues with advanced digital skills could present collaborative mentoring opportunities, allowing you to develop the skills you need to thrive in a digital workplace.

Are you a Timid Learner looking to skill up? Here are some tools to help level up your Digital Skills.

Submitted by Irvine Partners