ETIKET: An Independent Brand And Advertising Agency Making A Positive Impact On Businesses

Johannesburg: What if I told you that if you didn’t read this article, your view on advertising, and most likely marketing as a whole, might always be lacking a particular something?

I hope that got your attention because that’s what advertising is to us at ETIKET. “To us, it’s not an impersonal, persuasive selling message created to promote a product or service, like so many of advertising’s definitions state,” Samantha Condon, Group MD at ETIKET, passionately states. “It is something much more valuable. It is a connection that can impact and change people’s lives.”

The last couple of years have shown that data is crucial to the advertising effort, and Condon agrees with the sentiment. However, a mountain’s worth of data is not the only solution to the advertising and marketing challenges that the industry, and its clients, face.

The fact of the matter is that advertising is a way for humans to speak to humans. And humans have thoughts and feelings. “We are rarely as logical in our decision making as what we would like to think we are, and that’s where the crux of the whole matter lies for us,” says Condon.

Humans make decisions mainly from an emotional perspective, especially when it comes to procuring products and services because these artefacts of our civilization make us feel something.

Buying a new car, walking into your first home, or grabbing a chocolate bar at the end of a very rough day – all these actions will evoke some form of emotion in consumers. And this is where advertising comes in; it is the precursor to these powerful emotive moments.

Advertising should tell your clients what’s waiting for them, the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, or safety they will feel when choosing your product.

“And at ETIKET, that is precisely what we strive to accomplish in every piece of work that we create: We consistently create a connection between our client’s work and the humans our clients and we serve,’ adds Condon. “This human-centric approach is the guiding star to all our creative efforts.”

That might sound easier said than done, but throughout ETIKET’s 14 years of experience in the industry, the agency has been able to create an encompassing set of tools that have helped deliver on their drive. ETIKET has expanded its services to offer a comprehensive and integrated offering, including brand strategy, design thinking, virtual experiences, extensive digital and social offerings, as well as traditional Through the Line (TTL) marketing services.

The services mentioned above and their passion for connecting business and people have helped ETIKET remain an independent, Level 2 BBEEE, award winning South African agency that employs specialists that all share the same purpose – to touch lives.

We’ve all seen the changes that the past year and (almost) a half has brought on our industry, country, and world. Instead of saying a few inspiring words, we would like to impact your business positively. For the month of May, ETIKET will be offering ten free one-hour consultation sessions to help find your business’ approach to meaningful connection. All you have to do is e-mail to get your info to us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

For more information on ETIKET’S free one-hour consultation or our service offerings, contact Samantha Condon at or visit


ETIKET, an independent, award winning brand and advertising agency, connects business and people focusing on building experiences that not only motivate and change behavior, but have a profound and positive impact on people, employees, businesses, and the society in which we live. Etiket is a brand owned by the ReImagine Group.


Submitted by Indigo Blue Communications.