An online creative conference with a South African flavour impressed a global audience in April as one of the spotlight events of the 2021 United Nations World Creativity and Innovation Week…

The second edition of the #IamCreative_Imbizo took place this April and gave a global audience vital insight into the realities of organisational and personal creativity, through the theme of the neuroscience of creativity.

The inaugural 2020 #IamCreative_Imbizo saw over 500 registrations from 41 countries to a 13-hour event with 13 speakers. In 2021, the imbizo was characterised by an educational focus, and featured a keynote presentation from internationally renowned speaker Dr. John Demartini.

‘It was a really powerful happening that gave people a lot of important tools to understand their own approach to creativity, and how to translate that in their organisational lives,’ says Dr. Puleng Makhoalibe, founder of the #IamCreative_Imbizo. ‘These are very uncertain times and the speakers helped participants to lean into what’s happening around the world socially and economically and relate it to their own lives – as individuals and professionals.’

The #IamCreative_Imbizo was conceived by Dr. Makhoalibe as a way of uplifting and engaging people impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic to receive motivation, inspiration and tools to unleash their creative potential in a time of crisis. For example, her own presentation at the 2021 event used the word COVID as an action acronym designed to help participants understand how to thrive creatively and personally, even in challenging circumstances.

‘The term imbizo literally means a gathering. The #IamCreative imbizo is a call to gather and remind ourselves as the human species that we are creative beyond measure and we can thrive in any situation if we tap into the creative ability within us,’ explains Dr. Makhoalibe. ‘The content presented by our specialists throughout the conference reinforced this message – which was also summarised very well by our keynote speaker, Dr. John Demartini.’

Dr. Demartini spoke on the neuroscience of creativity and focused on the importance of living according to one’s highest values in order to maximise creative potential and productivity. He demystified creativity and how the brain works, and gave confidence to participants that with intentionality and commitment we all can access this inner potential and engage it.

In addition to Dr. Demartini and Dr. Makhoalibe there were presentations from leading thinkers such as Timothy Maurice Webster, who spoke about the three key behavioural design strategies and gave very practical, relatable examples of adjusting one’s behaviour through these strategies to create delight. In addition, Dr. Audrey Verhaeghe (Chairman of the SA Innovation Summit and its Foundation and board member at ANZA Capital  Early Stage Venture Funding), explored the chasm of innovation and how to turn personal creativity into a real business that can attract funding. Tlalane Ntuli (co-founder and director of Yalu Financial Services and a disruption and fintech consultant) also offered the story of a personal journey of disruption in the financial services sector, and shared deeply about the many different elements of self-disruption.

‘The event was an excellent encapsulation of some of the more positive things to come out of the pandemic,’ says Dr. Makhoalibe. ‘The pivot to virtual conference platforms means we are making life changing materials from the leading researchers and professionals – through the Alchemy Inspiration platform – accessible to everyone who wishes to unleash their creativity and tap into their inner potential as problem solvers. It’s a much needed reflection and transition in these unprecedented times. This is true inspiration. People leave these conferences with a sense of hope and inspiration, as well as with practicals tool they can use immediately to unleash their inner potential.’

Videos of the 2021 #IamCreative_Imbizo speaker sessions can be viewed at:

Submitted by Msuku Media.