Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Saskia Tihana Clements (24) moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and has spent the last six years building her brand in the USA. She is an entrepreneur, humanitarian, producer and a quadruple threat (musician, actress, dancer and writer), and was awarded a scholarship to study film in the US, before focusing on her business and music careers.

Saskia is the Founder and Creative Director of The Boldest, a creative agency based in Los Angeles that is focused on equipping future focused leaders.  

Saskia’s journey began when she attended a prestigious performing arts tour in New York City at the age of 14. Since then, she has performed at major arenas including the Cape Town International Convention Centre, the Grand West Arena, the Artscape Theatre, the V & A Waterfront Amphitheatre and more.

At 14, she was discovered by the head scout of Sun International followed by becoming the youngest Miss Teen South Africa finalist in 2011 and Miss Teen YOU 2012.

Later, Saskia went on to win Miss Summer Heat in 2013 which she then hosted, the following year. Her title as Miss Summer Heat, included being an ambassador for Mission Rhino – an organization focused on conserving African Wild Life. Something she is still very passionate about and hopes to continue conservation efforts through her brand Afriwellness.

She released her first single when she was 15 years old under the stage name “Tiana” produced by international DJ Sam World and well-known South African music producer Ameen Harron. Saskia Tihana Clements

In September of 2015 she released “FaceTime” – produced by Ameen Harron, under the new stage name Saskia Tihana. Her singles have been played on many radio stations all over South Africa and streamed throughout the world. She is currently working on a visual EP through her creative agency.

Saskia is no stranger to the dance world, she has participated in and taken multiple titles in national and international dance competitions.

She has represented South Africa in dance championships in Austria, Denmark and Croatia. In 2018 her team “Basic Black” took first place at the Dance Star World Championship which was held in Poreč, Croatia.

Her acting career started when she was a young girl in Cape Town where she featured in various large on-stage productions such as Peter Pan, Annie, and Othello as well as being part of the South African Arts festival for many years.

At the age of 17 she was awarded a scholarship and chose to study film in the US, thus the catalyst that got her to Los Angeles. Adding to her infinite success Saskia has been featured and interviewed on multiple major radio stations, TV shows, magazines and other mediums.

Please tell us a little more about your Los Angeles Based Creative Agency, The Boldest, and how it came about.

The Boldest is a creative agency based in Los Angeles, California. We develop physical and personal brands, artists, athletes that share our vision to better the planet and it’s people. Our mission is to equip bold future focused leaders. I manage a team of creatives that spend their days creating innovative brands and content that are purpose driven. We have “The Journal” which is a blog where we discuss topics about the past, present and future, these topics are all geared towards helping people become their best selves and step into their role as a leader.

Please tell us about your upcoming project which includes women empowerment and championing the feminine dream.

I work with female leaders on developing and establishing their personal brand, we focus on self development, strategy and creative direction. I plan on creating networking and coaching events for females with a vision to change the world, this program is set to launch in Los Angeles in the fall (September) of 2021.

In 2018, you co-founded Afriwellness, alongside two successful South African businesswomen, Viola Manuel and Deidre Clements. Please tell us about the company and what was the inspiration behind it.

I have always had it on my heart to share the magic of my birth place with as many people as I can. My vision for Afriwellness is that through our product line I will be able to place a small piece of South Africa in the homes of those that have yet to experience the beauty of our country. Rooibos has always been a household favorite in my family. The thought of introducing a new market to such a wonderful product that is full of health benefits and has already brought joy to so many millions really excites me. Through our sales I am able to give back to an initiative very close to my heart – that is wildlife conservation.

What has your experience been like as a young entrepreneur in Hollywood and running a business in the US?

Its was both exciting and incredibly overwhelming. You have to crawl, then walk and before you know it you’ll be running. Sometimes I have to remind myself of my progress and that I fought through the season of crawling. I still have a long way to go but it’s heartwarming to see how far I’ve come. It definitely took a lot of patience and prayer. I believe that with determination and perseverance anyone can run the race they’ve dreamed of. Knowing that there is a ton of competition and opportunity in the US really keeps me motivated and on my toes at all times.

We would love to hear more about your debut EP, set to be released later this year.

My EP is a story of overcoming obstacles as a woman. It highlights the journey of becoming well seasoned and finding a sense of strength through the challenges. I explore the theme of self-discovery, revival and empowerment. This EP is a combination of trap and house music with a jazz influence. I am working with producers in LA that I believe capture the essence and sound of what I’m trying to achieve perfectly. I grew up with a Dad who loves jazz music, it would always be playing in the background. I have a great love for both jazz and electronic music. I would love for my EP to appeal to those that enjoy trap and house music while exploring the beauty of jazz.

How do you manage to maintain balance in life, while being involved in various projects at the same time?

Time is the most valuable commodity in life. It’s important that we are intentional with our time and organize it in such a way that we are able to maintain all areas of our lives – that being our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. I make sure to take time out of my week to focus on the simple things that bring me joy such as exercising, planning my meals, taking my dog for a walk, facetiming my family, church, mediating, listening to music, going out with my friends.

What is it that you are passionate about?

I am passionate about people. I believe every single human being is capable of great things. I believe that everyone has leadership abilities. It’s about embracing and stepping into that role. My dream is that I will be able to help people step into that role and to fulfill their full potential.

Who or What has been the biggest influence in your life and why?

Without a doubt my darling mother. Deidre Franklin Clements is most definitely my biggest influence, she also happens to be my best friend and biggest fan. She is strong, brave, kind, motivated and highly intelligent. She has taught me invaluable lessons about what it means to be a successful independent woman. My mom manages to juggle multiple projects while maintaining her happiness, health and relationships. When my mom was in her thirties she was able to complete her MBA, while working a very demanding corporate job, helping my dad grow and run his businesses on the weekends and all while raising three young children. This achievement really impacted my life and taught me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, that there are no excuses and that you are more capable than you think. My mom is the most hard working woman I know, so hard working that she is currently busy with her PhD, she refuses to stop growing and I find that incredibly inspiring.

What is your personal “motto”?

“If I am doing something meaningful with my artistry and life, something selfless and sincere, something that truly connects and brings joy to others, I am then successful.”

What advice would you give a woman wanting to follow her dreams?

The only person who can strengthen you and turn you into the leader you’ve been called to is none other than your own self. So dig deep and submit to the process of doing the self work. Only once your internal world is secure can you truly be impactful externally. You have all the answers within yourself to become something great, it’s about being healthy enough to seek them out. As a woman it’s easy to seek external validation. A strong independent woman seeks validation from within and this will take continuous work, it will require you to be intentional.

Who or what is your inspiration and why?

I am inspired by the thought that we were created to be responsible for the planet and its people. Last year on my birthday I went skydiving. After reflecting on my experience I realized how massive the world is and how small, yet powerful we are. We were given the entire planet and proposed cultivating and taking care of it. We can only do so when we as human beings are both united and fully in tune with our abilities and passions, that is when we start activating our potential and for that to happen, we need to be happy, healthy and self aware. My dream is to inspire people to step into their full potential so that we can cultivate a beautiful future for the generations to come.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Be patient and kind to yourself. You are exactly where you are meant to be and all the challenges you will face are placed there to strengthen you so that you are able to maintain the blessings that lie ahead so be grateful for every part of the journey.

Your favorite daily affirmation: 

Every year I create a unique yearly affirmation and theme. This is my affirmation for 2021:
This is the year of execution.
This year I will be in full control and make my visions come to life.
I will work harder than I ever have, and push myself further than I am comfortable going.
I will be consistent in every aspect of my life.
I will strengthen my relationships and encourage new connections.
I will be resilient and persevere through every obstacle I face.
I will honor my strength and wisdom.
I will not waiver off course or conform to the social norms of society.
I will let my story speak for itself.
I will remember that each day is a gift and that I have no choice but to make the most out of every single moment.
I will do the things that bring me happiness.

Your favorite quote:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” ~Henry Ford

Which book are you currently reading now?

“There is More” by Brian Houston and “Help! I work with people” by Chad Veach.

What are your top 3 business tips?

Successful endeavors are those that are organized and well planned, summit to the process of creation and carve out well thought out strategies. If you do this properly it will minimize your risk significantly. With that being said, business is all about being confident and courageous enough to take the necessary calculated risks, therefore, it is inevitable that throughout your journey you will face some obstacles and challenges. In order to pivot and problem solve to the best of your ability, you will need to be calm, level headed and fully in control of your mental, physical and emotional state. Make sure you are living a well balanced life, take time out to do simple things that bring you joy. You can’t navigate the world of business optimally if you are not healthy and happy. Cultivate a stellar morning routine. The way you start your day will set the tone for the rest of the day.

My personal morning routine consists of something I like to call the four Ms’:
Moment of gratitude, mediate, movement and music. Consider others and their personal journey. Whether you’re a small start up or a large corporate company there will be human interaction. Remember to always have perspective when interacting with your peers or customers, be gentle, kind and genuine to those around you. Good intentions create long lasting relationships and business is all about building relationships which brings me to my final tip, networking. Being intentional and aware of expanding your network is key. It doesn’t matter whether someone is in your industry or not, life is about community and it’s important that you build a diverse network. Even if someone isn’t able to directly benefit your life they may be able to add value to someone else within your network, connecting those around you will yield positive results, kindness is free and very rewarding.

What have been your lessons learnt in business as a young entrepreneur?

Humbling yourself as a young entrepreneur can be incredibly powerful, a true leader knows when to follow. It’s important to recognize that I don’t know everything and that there may be someone more skilled or equipped than I am in a certain area. I seek advice, guidance and collaborate whenever I identify a weakness or an area I know could use improvement. Other than wisdom and time there is nothing else that separates me from someone who’s had years of business experience, in some regards there may even be skills that I possess that they lack, at the end of the day we all have access to the same opportunities and therefore I should not be intimidated by a well seasoned entrepreneur but rather inspired and eager to learn from them and collaborate with them.

What would you say is your secret to success?

Mindset. The mind is an extremely powerful thing, where you place your expectations will determine what your life will look like. I have always strived for excellence and that is because I believe I am worthy of the best. I take time out to perfect every project of mine and truly give it my best because I believe my work should also be a direct reflection of my mindset, excellence. Everyone should do the self work to increase their level of self esteem and confidence so that they too can adopt this mentality and strive for a life of excellence and with that you will attract an abundance of good things.

One piece of (general) advice that you’d like to share:

Life is about people. We find a sense of purpose and happiness when we are serving others. We can not function optimally without a sense of community, even if you are an introvert, you can’t deny the fact that when you’re isolated from the world you feel slightly out of balance. With that being said, whatever you are doing in life make sure it serves a purpose in the lives of others.

Is there anything that Xtraordinary Women can do to assist you on your journey?

I am grateful to be able to share my vision, story and what’s on my heart with Xtraordinary Women. I would love for your readers to connect with me on Social Media and be part of my journey. Follow me and my agency on Instagram. Whether you decide to shoot me an email or a DM or simple just hit follow, I would absolutely love to connect with you.

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