If I had to ask you what your thoughts are on sales I’m guessing you’re going to say something like “it’s not for me” or “I don’t enjoy being sold to” or something similar in the line of sales having a bad rap.

I really want us to start changing our view and mindset on sales to a far more positive one. We have chatted about how sales has evolved and because sales is a lot more about relationship building, it necessarily follows that communication is the cornerstone to sales, just like sales is the cornerstone to the scale and growth of any business.

How good are your communication skills? Are you able to bring across value and insight in a sales meeting? Can you succinctly extract what the prospects pains are and marry them up with your solution?

Communication isn’t only about writing well, in emails and blogs for example, communication is also the ability to have engaging in-person meetings. Communication is giving great feedback. Communication is having excellent listening skills.

Here are a few of my favourite communication tips for greater sales success.

  1. Listen to learn, not to answer
    Somehow we’ve formed this bad habit of listening to answer. Now that I’ve made you aware of it, check next time you’re in a conversation of how you listen. Are you anxiously waiting for the other person to complete their sentence so that you can add your 2c worth? Or are you actively listening, taking in what they are saying with no thought of wanting to retort? Be conscious of how you listen, what information you’re taking in and processing.
  2. Read body language
    Body language may at times read differently to what is being said and more often than not the body language given is a true reflection of what is not being said. Body language can be quite revealing. The other person’s posture and hand gestures will reveal a lot more about the situation than the words coming out of their mouths. And as true as this is, remember, the same could be said about you. So while you’re taking note of their body language, check your own.
  3. Be curious
    A really good salesperson (read business owner, entrepreneur, consultant and so forth) is naturally curious and therefore asks truly great questions. Great communicators are inquisitive by nature about the person they are chatting with, which is an excellent trait to have in sales. Ask awesome questions now, answer them later, however, the more important part, listen to what is being said and not being said to establish whether the client really has a need and whether it is your product or service that is a good fit for them.

Bringing it together
As with anything in life, great communication skills comes from habit, from honing your skills, from practicing on a daily basis. Sales remains the lifeblood of your business and if you’re not out every day actively working on your communication skills, that is, doing great sales, your business may not grow the way you would like it to.

Keep communicating, happy selling!

© Karen Wessels: Serial Business Woman. 2018