In Gauteng alone, crime has increased by 43% in 2021. These crimes include sexual offences, contact- and property-related crimes, as well as aggravated robberies.

“Women are constantly under threat, and we must be able to protect ourselves,” says Leilani Basson, founder of the Good Girls Getting Cocky movement. “The time has come for women to get arrogant about their safety and change their mindset from victim to victor; from ‘I am scared. I am sorry. I am discouraged’ to ‘I am. I can. I will’. Us ‘good girls’ have had enough.”

Through the Good Girls Getting Cocky movement, Basson helps to empower women from all walks of life with practical skills so that they can protect themselves and their loved ones. Good Girls Getting Cocky trains women to protect themselves at home, in public, on the road, during unrest, and on vacation.

Together with her expert and specialist partners, Basson organises workshops and skills training events for women from shooting to survival to plugging a tyre.

Basson has been empowering women to overcome their fears for the past ten years through her Bush Babes Conservation Adventures business. After identifying a need for self-protection and self-preservation among women, Basson has founded Good Girls Getting Cocky. This initiative hosts monthly workshops for women to empower them with vital skills so that they know what to do in any emergency.

“South African women need this kind of training. For far too long, we have left it to others to protect us. Now is the time to stand up and take charge so that we don’t get caught unawares and helpless,” Basson concludes.

About Leilani Basson
Leilani Basson is the founder and owner of Bush Babes Adventures, an exclusive conservation adventures club for women. She also started Good Girls Getting Cocky, an initiative to empower women with self-protection and self-preservation skills.

Since 2012, Leilani has meticulously planned and enthusiastically accompanied hundreds of women on adventures such as skidding on helicopters, K9 snare removals, sleeping with wolves, swimming with dolphins, and guarding of rhinos with anti-poaching units. Before starting her own successful adventures club, Leilani was a photojournalist with Leisure Wheels magazine.

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