Curb The Effects Of Seasonal Skin Damage – Advice From A Leading Skin Scientist

 Spring has sprung in most parts of South Africa and, as the days get longer and warmer and we head outdoors and add to our social calendars, the toll on our skin increases. “At least 80% of skin ageing is a result of extrinsic factors (sun exposure, stress, sleep, diet etc.) and even more if you have a high sugar diet or smoke,” says Dr Judey Pretorius, a leading biomedical scientist and founder of Biomedical Emporium. Effectively, that means you can slow skin ageing to a large degree.

Well known for her unique formulation discoveries, which have had a profound influence on the course of new developments in aesthetic and wound care treatments, Dr Judey is responsible for innovation in cell culture processes and the development of medical and aesthetic product lines. For her, a consistent skincare routine – bolstered by targeted laboratory-controlled and science-backed formulations – will impact the seasonal stressors on your skin.

Check out her 5 savvy tips to curb summer skin ageing:

1.Breakout Buster
If you struggle with intermittent breakouts, try using your cleanser (left on overnight) as a spot treatment. Opt for a cleanser that contains salicylic acid or lactic acid as it comprises of anti-inflammatory characteristics and is naturally anti-microbial which are both famed breakout busters.

2.Fresh Is Best
You wouldn’t eat food that has expired, so why use skincare that has? The consequences of the latter may not be as dire, but the fact is that expired skincare simply doesn’t pack the punch of fresh products. In general, try to be disciplined with your skincare routine, ensuring that you finish your products in a timeous fashion.

3.Gently Does It
If your skin is prone to irritation and allergies (especially very fair skin types), then you should avoid using skin care products that contain fragrances and dyes. Also avoid skin care products that contain preservatives (and irritants) like methyl and propyl parabens.

4.Glow Getter
If you have a big date up ahead on your social calendar and you would like your skin to have a revitalised and naturally illuminating appearance, up the ante by booking for a 25% Glycolic acid peel, 4 days prior to your event. This milder peel aids in dead skin cell removal and collagen contraction.

5.Maintenance Plan
Follow a basic, three step skincare routine for both the morning and the evening. My suggestion would be the following:

2.Apply a serum rich in hyaluronic acid.
3.Apply a moisturiser with an SPF.

2.Apply a serum rich in niacinamide and retinol.
3.Apply a moisturizer that contains peptides. The latter contain amino-acids which are excellent for revitalising fatigued skin.

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