Do you want to offer your dad a special Father’s Day dinner this June? Of course, you can take him to a restaurant, but it can be crowded and stressful. So why don’t you cook him a little something at home instead? There is nothing like home cooking that says love. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite Father’s Day dinner ideas.

From simple steak dinner menu ideas, healthy dinners, and even some vegetarian recipe ideas, we’re sure you’ll find one of the five listed below easy for you to make and will put a smile your dad’s face.

  1. An Asparagus Quiche – dads do eat quiche and they love it! Whether dad’s vegetarian, or just trying to eat healthier, this’ll help him see he can still indulge!
  2. Yummy Loaded Nacho’s – why don’t you make it just like they do at his favourite pub and grill restaurant using crunchy and flavourful Plato’s grain crisps? All the health and not too expensive.
  3. Spicy Grilled Ribs – this must be the most classic dad food. Simply get your favourite ribs and rub our favourite B-well Canola and Olive Oil Blend, sugar, pepper, and salt, this gets the meat extra tender by baking and then grilling.
  4. Spatchcock Chicken – Flattened, grilled crispy, and brushed with a fiery basting sauce, this whole chicken will impress the whole fam on Father’s Day. A quick and easy purchase at your local grocery store.
  5. Grilled Beef Wrap (See recipe below) – This is the ultimate grilled beef dish! Speedy, easy and nutrient-dense – recipes don’t get much better than this. Our juicy wraps feature beef cooked to perfection and sliced into bite-sized slivers. You won’t believe this meal came together in only 30 minutes or less.

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Submitted by SOILL