This week I had the privilege of running a sales workshop for the Women In Business Program. The roomful of aspiring women business owners required ideas on how to build sales confidence and also practical tools to implement in their business immediately.

Thanks to being on this entrepreneurial journey for close to a decade I’ve had the opportunity to try and test many applications (apps) and means of doing business effectively and seeing tangible results.

Based on my workshop I wanted to share my top 3 sales tools with you so that you can implement them readily to start seeing tangible productivity results which will ultimately lead to a growth in sales.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software isn’t only for the big companies. Smaller businesses need them too. Why? It’s quite handy to have all your client details in a central place that is cloud-based, where you can update data on the go, that is, via your mobile phone and access what last transpired with your prospect or customer. CRM Software allows you to keep track of possible leads and move them through the sales funnel until they become buying clients. From there you can share data with the rest of your team and literally at a push of a button on your phone you can track what is going on with each and every client. Super handy!Here are some CRM systems to take a look at. Remember, you need to do research on a variety of these systems and find the best one for your business, needs and budget.

  • HUBSpot: This is quite a pricey option, however, HUBSpot is great at combining a sales and marketing based CRM system that can integrate with many other applications. Plus, you should take advantage of their free downloads and tools.
  • Vtiger: This is an open-source CRM software, which means if you have access to someone who can code they can strip away a lot of the features and customise it completely for your business. Vtiger is free plus it offers a myriad of features which includes emailing.
  • ZoHo: A really great option, this CRM does come with a monthly price tag, however, it can integrate fully with your Google-suite, that is Gmail, etc. and they brag that you don’t have to manually input data. Definitely one to check out!

Driving to meetings certainly does take time, especially with the kind of traffic we experience, so it does make sense to arrange digital meetings as far as you can. We usually recommend an initial digital meeting for fact finding and to ensure that the prospective client aligns with our vision and company ethos. Once that is established we arrange an in-person meeting, unless of course they are on the other side of the country! Here are a few online meeting room apps to take a look at:

  • Skype: Skype has been around for years and so everyone is really familiar with Skype. You can host video calls, share screen and quickly message someone if you see they are online.
  • Go To Meeting: This app is very much favoured overseas and offers a great place to meet digitally. This one does come with a monthly price tag.
  • Zoom: My all time favourite digital meeting room app! 9.5 times out of ten you have clear audio, video calling is no problem and multiple attendees doesn’t place a strain on the calibre of the meeting. You can record your session, share screen, message and there is a mobile app. Plus, it’s free!

In order to have a continuously filled sales pipeline with quality sales leads we need to do prospecting and generate as many leads as we can on a daily basis.You can either do this through cold calling, email marketing or other means.Here I’ll share two ways with you.

  • Mautic: This is a great email marketing tool. If you’re familiar with Infusionsoft, you’ll know that it’s quite an intense and heavy system to set up. You literally have to go for training to use this system! However, Mautic has similar features yet is far easier to navigate and set up. Email marketing is an excellent way to generate leads, as long as it is done correctly, you use converting content and keep feeding prospects the right information for them to sit up and take note.
  • LinkedIn: Probably the best sales tool right now for lead generation, especially if you run a B2B (business to business) offering. Stats say that 81% of all leads generated in the B2B space comes from LinkedIn. Are you on LinkedIn? Is your profile up to date? Are you leveraging the power of LinkedIn to generate amazing sales leads? Develop a relationship online, create trust and credibility. Ensure that your brand is seen at least 8 times. Keep your prospects engaged. Develop that relationship, kindle the spark and you will find new business on LinkedIn!

Bringing it together
There are a ton of tools out there that can automate your business and help you become more productive and focused. The trick is to identify what your needs are and which platforms will serve your business best. Implement immediately, get yourself trained up through tutorials and ensure that these apps are helping you make money!

© Karen Wessels: Serial Business Woman. 2018