The 2021 #IamCreative_Imbizo will see leading international thinkers like Dr John Demartini and Timothy Maurice Webster guide corporate decision makers through the thorny realities of organisational innovation and creativity…

Innovation is one of biggest corporate buzzwords of the 21st century corporate life. No matter where you are in the world or which sector you operate in, your organisation is likely to have grappled with the need to innovate to drive business growth. But while the idea of a company culture that embraces innovation sounds exciting, the reality is often much more complex than it sounds.

‘The hard truth is that a quest for innovation and creativity can be disruptive to company culture,’ says Dr Puleng Makhoalibe, a global design thinking expert and the organiser and host of the #IamCreative_Imbizo. ‘The word innovation has something of glow to it, but the reality is that a company needs a significant amount of experience and expertise to drive innovation programmes effectively, in a way that boosts the bottom line and fully engages the people involved.’

The 2021 #IamCreative_Imbizo: Turning Innovation Theory Into Reality

The #IamCreative_Imbizo launched very successfully in 2020 and helped leading South Africa brands and their decision makers face the many challenges posed by innovation and creativity projects. In 2021 the imbizo takes place online, and welcomes speakers, thinkers and participants from across the world.

‘Presentations from Dr John Demartini and Timothy Maurice Webster are two of the highlights, and the programme as whole has been designed to give participants insight into the latest developments in an exciting global field,’ says Dr Makhoalibe. ‘Overall, the focus is on combining the insights emerging from the realms of neuroscience and behavioural science with focused organisational thinking to help participants access and understand the approaches leading innovation thinkers are working with currently.’

Dr John Demartini is a world-famous specialist in human behaviour, researcher, author and global educator. His trademarked methodologies – the Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination – are the result of over four decades of cross-disciplinary research and study, and his work has been incorporated into human development industries across the world. He is the author of 40 books, published in over 29 different languages.

Timothy Maurice Webster studied Business Management, Branding, Psychology and Applied Neuroscience at Brookstone College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA. He’s the author of four brand leadership books and consults and speaks widely on the science of human and brand behaviour, with a research focus on brain potential, behavioural science and brand influence. Webster has worked in Africa and emerging markets for the past decade.

The imbizo will be hosted by Dr Makhoalibe, founder of the Alchemy Inspiration and co-founder of Upside Global, and features a range of powerful speakers, including DR Audrey Verhaeghe (Chairman of the SA Innovation Summit and its Foundation and board member at ANZA Capital  Early Stage Venture Funding) and Tlalane Ntuli (co-founder and director of Yalu Financial Services and a disruption and fintech consultant), among others.

‘We had a lot of feedback from last year’s participants about how the imbizo helped them to understand how to think about organisational creativity and programmes in practical terms,’ says Dr Makhoalibe. ‘We expect the 2021 event to build on these foundations with a mix of science-based insights and discussions on how to use these effectively within the context of organisational life.’

So, if your organisation needs to up its creativity ante, visit the #IamCreative_Imbizo website at to book your place for the 2021 imbizo, and start turning the theory into a reality you can understand, implement, and measure.

Submitted by Msuku Media.