On 15 August 2022, Scotland became the first country to pass legislation to make available tampons and other sanitary products at no charge in public spaces including pharmacies, clinics and community centres as part of a push to end “Period Poverty” in the country.

Many people are not aware of a high-impact organisation in South Africa doing powerful work in this space.

Access-to-Market consulting firm Decusatio has partnered with Blossom Care Solutions on their innovative micro-franchise model to help organisations meet their B-BBEE requirements and Sustainable Development Goals to tackle Period Poverty.

Blossom Care Solutions is an innovative social enterprise which develops Sanitary Pad manufacturing factories across the country which gives young women the opportunity to learn critical entrepreneurship and manufacturing skills. With 6 factories across the country, these sites are producing sanitary pads which are then distributed via schools, clinics and other channels.

These factories remain sustainable through the support of off-take agreements and Enterprise Development or Social Economic Development funding as well as donations.

“We believe this is one of the most powerful social impact projects that we currently work on,” says Decusatio CEO Marc Ashton. He adds: “Apart from the obvious health benefits, the solution stimulates entrepreneurship, teaches critical manufacturing skills and the development of new venture creation in areas where jobs are scarce.”

Organisations can support this initiative from as little as R240 which will provide one young woman with sanitary products for an entire year. This in turn will ensure that these young women are not missing school and have the best opportunity to develop a sound education foundation.

“This is one of the most unique social impact projects in South Africa at the moment and it offers the funders to meet various goals while also being sustainable and make a meaningful – and immediate – difference in the lives of young women,” concludes Ashton.

For further information on supporting this project, please e-mail marc@decusatio.co.za

About Decusatio
Decusatio is a South African consulting firm working with entrepreneurs to tackle the twin challenges of Access To Finance and Access To Market.