South African sports fashion retailer, Sportscene, is going international with its latest TV commercial shot in Paris, London and New York featuring trailblazer, Doowap.

Sportscene is synonymous with being on the pulse of the streetwear culture in South Africa. As we see a seat being pulled up at the global table for South African artists, it’s undeniable that the streetwear culture they carry is influencing mainstream conversation. Music and fashion are intrinsically linked to culture. Artists set trends with their fashion choices and sense of style. It is through fashion that they are able to make a statement and express their individuality.

In collaboration with the creative boutique agency, Flight Mode Studio, Sportscene produced a fashion and performance focused TV commercial with Doowap.

Doowap (real name Khetsiwe Morgan) is a Swazi-born South African club and radio DJ. She hosted her own TV show on SABC called Tastemakers and a radio show on YFM 99.2 which was the country’s introduction to electronic bass music on commercial radio.

Famed for her brightly coloured braids and outfits, reminiscent of the 90’s and, at times, featuring traditional beads or beaded garments, Morgan is a tastemaker in her own right.

Her style is heavily influenced by the 1990s and Boom Shaka, Salt n Pepa and TLC aesthetic.

Doowap has recently released her much-anticipated debut album Izinja Zeb’suku and has since embarked on a global tour. She DJd in major cities across the globe, including Ibiza, London, Paris and New York. If that was not enough, she now stars in the new highly anticipated Sportscene TVC.

“I am a very visual person and fashion is a huge part of my identity. I imagine my style to exist in the metaverse, it’s futuristic, it’s untouchable, it’s always changing and always moving forward.”

For us this collaboration with Sportscene and Nike is a natural one with a brand that has seen and supported Doowap’s vision. We hope this TVC will inspire many more young girls to pursue their passion and dreams. The world has taken notice and we hope the ground work that we are putting in makes it easier for those young girls coming after Doowap, says Carissa Cupido, Flight Mode Studio Co-Founder.

Europe has historically been seen as the epi-center for the arts. A unilateral flow of culture was created which positioned us, in the global south, as consumers and passive observers. But we’re witnessing another wave of artists, from Africa, shake off that narrative and establish their power: As tastemakers. As pioneers. As leaders of music. Of dance. Of art. Set within the picturesque setting of Paris is what makes our proposition an exciting one.  We are disrupting the status quo and shaking things up on the global stage.

Speaking about the TV commercial, Flight Mode Studio’s ECD Neo Gilder said: “We needed to take advantage of the rich cultural architectural landscape France had to offer and use this as the backdrop to compliment Doowaps eccentric original style in collaboration with SportScene – a brand that gives life to iconic street-inspired brands. With our unique Amapiano sound, South Africa has taken to the center stage. And this is a visual celebration of that”

At its core there is a unique juxtaposition of streetwear and classic French architecture. The campaign explores the ethereal French undertone of the TVC setting, but brings with it a distinct South African Amapiano flavour with a storyline that sets to inspire many more South Africans back home to realize their greatness.

Stay glued to Sportscene social media pages for the official TV commercial release.

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