It’s that time of the year again when we plan our new life.

For your career here are some things to add to your resolutions list:

I will plan my career

Put your thoughts down about your dream job and where you would like to be in 3, 5- and 10-years’ time. Work out the steps necessary to achieve this. Stay focused and on track. Several times a year re-check your plan and make sure you are only doing the things necessary to achieve your goals.

I will network

Join networking organisations and attend meetings and seminars. Make sure you reach out to the correct people; quantity is better than quality. When you meet a good contact follow up with a friendly email and make sure to meet again. Stay in touch with ex colleagues and old friends and check in with them occasionally to see if there may be opportunities for them in your network.

I will up-skill

Keep on top of the new developments in your industry and make sure your skills are relevant. Be willing to learn and grow. Make sure you have an internal culture of lifelong learning. Set aside time EVERY DAY to learn something new. There are limitless opportunities on the internet that don’t cost the earth. Invest in yourself.

I will gain skill certifications

Stand out from your competitors by getting that certification to put on your CV. Really good at Excel? Get your MOS qualification so you can prove that you are an expert. While it’s great to have a whole heap of skills, make sure you have the paperwork as well. Build an impressive CV. Showcase your achievements on LinkedIn and your CV. Blow your own horn.

I will gain industry knowledge

There are always new advancements in your industry. Been aware of what they are, and make sure you gain the skills before others. Stay abreast of new developments to stand out from the crowd. Read, follow blogs, join discussion groups. Be well informed within your own industry.

I will boost my CV

Make sure you have a strong, well-written CV and cover letter. This is crucial if you are looking for a new job. Ensure you have cutting edge skills that are in demand.

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