JOHANNESBURG: MindUnique recently launched the latest in its WoWe® range of anti-radiation products: The Grounding Buddy, a carefully designed health-caring product that is proudly and locally made in South Africa.

According to Dr Marlena Kruger, Johannesburg-based digital wellness and screen addiction expert, and founder of MindUnique, “you and your loved ones don’t want to be without it as we are flooded by electro-pollution”.

Says Dr Kruger, “After hearing me speak on the radio station RSG in 2020 about the negative impact on our health because of the harmful, manmade EMF radiation coming from cell phones, towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi, 5G and the Internet of Things, Davida van der Walt and her husband Johan contacted me. They were looking to obtain radiation-shielded products because of her ill-health. After a consultation and follow-up meetings, we decided to work together and launched this innovative grounding mat under the WoWe® brand. The brand name is an acronym for “To create a WOrld of WEllbeing and Wellness” in our digital age.”

“Over the past months, the team collaborated with an electrical engineer to perfect this earthing mat for optimum health benefits in our techno-driven world,” says Dr Kruger.

Mrs Van der Walt, who participated in a three-month trial period from April 2021 to test the first versions of the earthing mat can confirm that it works wonders for her health.

“The most natural way to experience the wonderful benefits of grounding is to walk barefoot on the ground or grass. However, if you don’t have the luxury of this back-to-nature exercise, nor the time, the grounding mat is a valuable alternative.”

According to Dr Kruger, many scientific publications show the huge benefits of grounding yourself daily. Some of these benefits include improved sleep by normalising your natural biorhythms (melatonin and cortisol secretions), reduced stress and pain, and sped-up wound healing.

To celebrate Women’s Month and the launch of the WoWe® Grounding Buddy, the product is available at a special price. Visit the online shop of to place your order now.

More information about electro-pollution
According to scientific researchers in the field of electro-pollution, the exponential increase in low energy, non-ionising EMF radiation, one of our biggest challenges, and one of the major contributing factors to our ill-health as well as climate change

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