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“Inspiring, motivating and touching people’s lives is my passion.” ~Paula Quinsee

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Meet Paula

Paula Quinsee is your go-to Relationship Warrior who passionately advocates healthy personal and professional relationships. Her expertise includes relationship dynamics, personal growth and development, emotional skills, behaviour profiling and so much more.

Paula is the author of two self-help guides: Embracing Conflict and Embracing No. Her books have been endorsed by international EQ author Harvey Deutschendorf, Margaret Hirsch, and Colleen Larson.

She is trained in Imago Relationship Therapy, NLP, and is an accredited PDA Analyst, MyPDA Coach, and Trainer, and shares these tools and skills as well as her personal insights with all her clients. She also conducts workshops, is an international speaker, TEDx speaker, and regularly appears in the media, on shows like Expresso and eNCA News, to name a few.

During her 16 year tenure in the corporate world working at organisations such as Standard Bank, Nedbank and KFC, Paula also learned many lessons on relationships in the workplace (internal and external), people and team dynamics and leadership traits. Paula’s expertise has been earned from her personal journey of losing her mother at age 7, sexual abuse, binge eating due to low self-esteem, and failed relationships until she decided that her past does not define who she is – she does.

As a result, Paula is passionate about empowering others to heal and move forward in their relationships and in life, adding her special sparkle to the world. As a speaker in the professional world, she covers topics such as leadership, mentorship, corporate culture, conflict management, relationships in the workplace, emotional intelligence and more. She also speaks on more personal topics such as personal relationships, family dynamics and personal development and well-being.

Paula has presented at the FutureEd Expo, Imago Africa/FAMSA Dan Siegel Conference, SACAP Festival of Learning, University of PTA Neuroscience Seminar, SA Innovation Summit, ACFE Conference, SmallBiz Expo, TEDxPretoria and Top Empowerment Awards Conference. 

Paula also consulted to ‘Married at First Sight SA’ TV show and has hosted shows for Niche Radio and UK Health Radio.

Her credentials include:

  • Imago Relationship Therapy Educator and Facilitator
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Life Coach
  • Completed Presenters Training with Hedy Schleifer
  • Completed Deepening the Dialogue Training with Imago Africa.
  • PDA Analyst and MyPDA Coach
  • PDA and MyPDACoach Trainer
  • Brene’ Brown Dare To Lead Trained
  • WeConnect International Member (Membership No. 201700187)
  • SABPP HR Associate (Membership no 49844376)


If you’re looking for a passionate professional to assist you on an individual, team or organisational level then Paula is your go to person.

Her programs are flexible in nature and can be customised to fit your needs whether this be personal development, graduate/work readiness programs, supplementing existing leadership or training and development programs or as stand-alone programs for individuals or teams.

Inspirational Talks By Paula

Embracing No – Why We Should and How We Can Benefit

Many people struggle to say ‘no’, they tend to feel bad for saying ‘no’, often resulting in them feeling anxious, guilty, obliged, or that they are letting people down. Yet it’s amazing how we easily accept it when other people say no to us.

Why is that? Learning to say ‘no’ is a wonderful and empowering experience. It can also be very liberating and freeing from a life where we are constantly trying to make others happy, often at the expense of our own happiness.

In this talk, Paula unpacks why we should say ‘no’, how it helps us to establish boundaries, and how we can benefit from saying ‘no’:

• Say no to self-sabotage and self-destruction.
• Say no to unhealthy relationships.
• Say no to inhibitive parenting styles.
• Say no to unhealthy family dynamics.
• Say no to negative or toxic influences.
• Say no to negative practices in the workplace.

Get practical tools and tips on how to strengthen your ‘no’ muscle and empower yourself to be confident with ‘no’ in both your personal and professional worlds. By saying ‘no’ you empower yourself to say ‘yes’ to the things that matter to you.

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