What do Diamonds and Funeral Plans have in common?

Meet the new premium, but affordable, family funeral plan from OneSpark

Diamonds symbolize eternal love and strength, something we all have for our families. But they’re also prized for their beauty and value. That’s why OneSpark, the company that’s changing everything we thought we knew about life insurance, just named their newly launched funeral policy the Diamond Funeral Plan. Their new product captures all the qualities of a Diamond, bringing a new, premium but affordable family funeral plan to a market cluttered with basic products, crazy expensive prices, and no value.

“When you think of what you’re looking for in a family funeral plan, or what would make you switch your existing policy, there are a few basic requirements that will come to mind. It must provide flexible cover for your whole family, it must be affordable, it must have lightning-fast claim payouts, but it must also give you more value than your existing policy. We found that OneSpark’s Diamond Funeral Plan does this, and more” shares Ricky Kadish, Head of Research and Development at OneSpark

We took a look and tend to agree with OneSpark.

You can get combined family cover of up to R500,000 with cover up to 21 family members. Plus, you automatically get cover for your spouse and three children included. To give your loved one a sendoff in their favorite car, whether it’s a Mercedes or BMW, they uniquely have South Africa’s only Luxury Car Hire Benefit to help you do just that with a cash payout of R15,000. You also get one of South Africa’s largest airtime benefits with a R5,000 payout so you can keep in contact with your whole family. But that’s just the tip of the value iceberg, with other benefits like Premium VIP service from a private insurer and much more.

You may be thinking that a Diamond Funeral Plan will come with the price of an actual Diamond, but you’d be wrong. Their premiums start from only R70 per month (but as per normal will vary based on your age and gender). This diamond could truly be your girl’s best friend.

With all these benefits it’s no wonder OneSpark is selling thousands of policies a month, with billions of rands in coverage already protected.

If you’re looking for more information and to get a quote or chat to an advisor, sign up here or call them on 0800 168 472, or send them a WhatsApp on 073 847 6204. You won’t be disappointed! #OnesparkDiamondFuneralPlan #OneSparkFuneral

About OneSpark:
OneSpark is an authorized financial services provider – FSP 50594. Products are underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited, an authorised financial services provider (FSP No 76) and a licensed life insurer.*Premiums are risk profile dependent, guaranteed for 12 months & subject to change. Airtime benefit comparisons done against major life insurers on 10/04/2022.

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