When it comes to custom car renovations and modifications, Gino Lange and his team at LA Customs are at the top of their game. Inspired by his life-long love of cars and his ever-curious mind, he has become known as one of the country’s most celebrated talents in the automotive industry. Now Gino would like to share that same love with the others.

Gino Lange

Gino Lange From Legendary LA Customs

With years of invaluable insight and experience, Gino is launching a new programme that will see 2 500 unskilled South Africans trained and equipped to enter the industry as qualified professionals. The programme will focus on panel beating, spray painting, as well as auto-electric and mechanical development. “This year-long programme includes stipends for those who are selected,” says Gino, “and it is our hope to uplift and change the automotive industry.” As Gino explains, the industry can be quite tough to enter, with aspiring talents needing equal parts technical and client management skills. But through this programme, he will share the knowledge he has gathered over the years and help set up the candidates to make the most of their careers.

Over the years, Gino has helped bring new light to the industry through the incredible work that he and his team produce at Paarl-based LA Customs. More recently though, Gino partnered with famed workwear brand Sweet-Orr in their #LoveWhatYouDo campaign. As part of a larger video series, Gino takes Sweet-Orr on a journey through his process and shares his philosophy on work, mentorship and what inspires him most. Watch the video by clicking here.

To find out more about the programme, be sure to visit LA Custom’s Instagram page or website.

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