Two local female entrepreneurs have launched a revolutionary new pet management system that takes pet wellbeing to a whole new level, while also paying it forward.

If your pet is your best friend you probably want to do everything you can to ensure that they are safe, healthy and happy. From staying on top of their vaccinations and having their medical history on hand to keeping abreast of food and health trends, being able to shop online and have a video consultation with a vet, we know you want to manage your furry family’s wellbeing as well as you manage your human family.

These reasons and more are why two South African entrepreneurs, Kyne Lupini and Shannon Sweetman, launched TAME, a revolutionary pet management system, easily accessed via a lifestyle-focused app.

While lockdown may have been a challenging time to start a new business, it was exactly because of lockdown that the idea originated. Both small business owners in the pet industry (Kyne runs Wolf & Women, an online store specialising in high quality, natural treats and grooming products and Shannon is a pet photographer, author and owner of Dog Meets Girl, a pet focused ad agency that also offers a subscription box service that is in its second successful year of business.) They noticed a huge growth in the industry as people were stuck at home with their pets and were spending more money on them. They identified the need for a system that would store and cover everything you need as a pet owner. As the brainstorming sessions took place, so TAME’s list of features grew and now, while you may find many a variety of pet focused apps, there are none that offer as comprehensive a basket as TAME.

About Kyne:
My life, I have been brought up with Irish wolfhounds and many other wonderful animals (Lions, bat eared fox, baboons, porcupine, bush babies and many more). Every single animal (Companion) in my journey has taught me emotions, I wish every person could experience, the emotion gained from joy and heartache, had lead me to this point. To Encourage, awaken the bond between man and its best friend. (An emotion I know, and one that I long for and for every person to have ignited within themselves.) What is life, if you can’t share it with the ones you love? Get out there with your dog, have a good time and also thank them for their unconditional love, with a simple treat to say “ thank you” if only we would love and be so loyal for a treat, what a happier person we would be too.

About Shannon:
If I were to begin to explain the connection I have with animals, dogs in particular, I´d be deemed crazy. It is an overwhelming love & mutual respect for one another. It is my purpose in life to speak on their behalf, be the voice & honour their graceful, perfect souls by taking images that will remind us all of this pure love forever. I have been taking photos professionally for the last 8 years. I began Dog Meets Girl as a creative outlet to share my love for all things dog! This platform has since become a Lifestyle Brand. With one of our most positive attributes of giving a portion of earnings to Dogs in need, across South Africa.

About TAME Pet Management App:
Tame is an app created by animal lovers. Pets come with responsibilities and needs. We wanted to create an app that houses everything you need to own a pet. Our app focuses on the relationship between pet and owner where they are very much part of our lifestyle.

We offer options to shop for your pet, to find pet-friendly establishments, gain more understanding about your pet and keep all of your pet’s information safe in one place. Our app goes as far as offering peace of mind by having our team of vets and behaviourists waiting to chat to you for anything you may be worried about.

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