A recent report by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor shows a significant increase in entrepreneurial activity in South Africa from 10.8% in 2019 to 17.5% in 2021. This overall positive entrepreneurial activity is to be welcomed. So why have these numbers increased? What are the driving forces behind entrepreneurship?

Among other motivators, was the need to earn a living in difficult economic times, followed by the desire to become successful. This also follows COVID-19, which saw many jobs being lost and entrepreneurial ventures, with little outside support, fail! This is a good reason for people to empower themselves now and learn to succeed in this space. Enabling entrepreneurs is key to harnessing their enthusiasm and desire for growth and ultimately ensuring that they become entrenched as established businesses in South Africa – leading to job creation and upliftment in our communities.

There has never been a better time to take an idea or small business further than right now. With this is in mind, and to help entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs turn those dreams into reality, Firstwatch Whisky is offering 50 lucky entrepreneurs the opportunity of a lifetime. To be part of a business course designed especially by Over the Rainbow – a company specialising in training within the field of entrepreneurship. The aim is to share vital skills that will assist in business longevity and growth.

To have a great dream or the beginnings of a promising business is one thing but to be empowered to take things forward efficiently is a whole different ballgame. One that this course is designed to offer the established and budding entrepreneur.

Even though this is an ‘online’ learning experience, there will be plenty of online engagement with lecturers and other groups of entrepreneurs. This top-notch online platform is specifically designed for the selected entrepreneurs and comes with everything needed from the beginning to the end of this course.

Participants will certainly not be left on their own to work their way through the course. There will be regular 90-minute question and answer sessions with experts – with a maximum of 50 students joining a webinar/conference call via the platform.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to refrain from putting their ambitions on hold and to apply now to gain the insight and skills needed to thrive in our current environment.

To find out more about Firstwatch Whisky, visit https://firstwatchwhisky.co.za/. To enter, click here. See video link here.

About Firstwatch Whisky:
Firstwatch Imported Whisky is an award-winning 100% blend of imported rye and cereal grain whiskies. The base whisky in the blend has been matured for at least three years and is exceptionally easy mixing, with a full rye taste. Firstwatch Whisky has an intense golden glowing amber colour, a floral aroma with sweet fruitiness and a rich, complex wooded rye flavour. Perfectly blended to deliver reward in every sip. Firstwatch Whisky. First for Reward.

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