In my work, I have found that most people are either stuck in a career they do not want to be in, or they feel frustrated and fearful when considering doing what they love. Mostly, the fear revolves around money – not having enough capital or believing that their dream job is not a decent, responsible form of income. Wherever those beliefs stem from, it is crippling the natural born entrepreneur. It is leaving people frustrated and most importantly, when one is not living to your highest potential and you feel you are not adding value, one feels worthless and therefore less deserving.

I went from a very successful corporate career, to starting my own business, to failing, being sequestrated – and fast forward to this day – to doing what I love, serving humanity and feeling on purpose. Isn’t this what most people dream of? To be flexible, to earn a living doing what they love and to feel worthy and contributing to the greater good?

Here is the most important lesson I have learnt – love is a currency.

It starts with seeing love as the currency in your own life. If you are not comfortable with receiving, you will not receive. If you do not feel deserving of love and money, you will not receive love and money. Whatever challenges or limiting beliefs we experience around love are very similar to our beliefs about money. Everything must start with love. Self-love.

Without money we feel empty and destitute, with no ability to give and receive anything.
Without love we feel pretty much the same.
With money we feel wealthy, happy and content, with the ability to give and receive to ourselves and others.
With love we feel pretty much the same!

Remember how you felt when you were in love! The point being, that we are always depositing a currency in order to receive what we need and desire. Without this ability, we feel desperate, in lack and unhappy and we will do anything to improve the situation. It is not implying that it is only currency that makes us happy, it is implying that the ability to give and receive is what makes us happy. And the more you work with this currency, the more you focus on giving and receiving who you are, how you serve, what makes you happy, joyful and kind – the more of the same comes back to you. What you believe about yourself and what you deserve is what will return to you. Therefore, the money comes, the love comes.

What does the currency of love look like?

1. A self-belief that knows you are worthy of all things beautiful, good and joyful.
2. A practice of gratitude through all challenges.
3. A deep sense of trust that life and flow follow good and pure intentions.
4. Kindness and compassion without asking anything in return.
5. An unwavering faith in your highest potential.
6. Permission and allowance to do what you love and love what you do.
7. Taking one step at a time to start a love bank account and managing the currency of love in your life.

How does one turn around those limiting beliefs in order to bring in the currency of love in your own life?
Acceptance brings appreciation and sense of fulfillment that can only expand to bring you more. Start with accepting yourself now. It is perfect to start where you are, with what you have. If you are continuously thinking about what has not happened yet or what you have not achieved yet, you will constantly feel in lack.

Limiting Beliefs
Write down all the beliefs you feel is limiting your capacity to receive, your beliefs around money and love, that is crippling your potential. Then next to each belief, write a new belief for yourself that makes your heart sing and feels good for your Soul. You needn’t ask anyone’s permission, nor do you need to justify them. They simply are, from your core, the beliefs you would like to build your life around.

Get Clear
Be clear about what it is you want. Don’t let the “But how will it come all about?” cause you to compromise on this. Be clear and set an intention.

Daily Practice
Practice speaking your new beliefs daily, how happy they make you feel and how enthusiastic they make you now! Focus on how these new beliefs make you feel.

Feel Good
Do small things every day that make you feel good about life now. Practice gratitude for small and big things. Feel good about challenges as you resist them less and allow the learnings to flow and feel good about it. On the down days, the impatient days, the doubtful days, go and do something that will make you feel better, that will make you feel exactly how you will feel if your dream has come true. Never forget to have fun.

Act in the flow. This is what we call “Inspired Action”. There are no coincidences – those ideas you are receiving, those names or events that come up for you when you least expect it? Follow up on those. Do ONE thing a day, or ONE thing a week that is contributing inspired actions towards your intentions. Do not procrastinate – this is your dream.

If you are experiencing no inspiration, no ideas, feeling stuck – trust the pause and move into listening mode. When you are quiet, in receptive mode and not trying to control the outcome, you WILL receive the next steps, the next action to take.

Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat until the above becomes a way of being.

From lack to abundance, from nothing to something, from suffering into a joy – whatever we name it, we all are experiencing it and there is indeed a way out of “the money trap”. The belief that only money can bring us the changes we desire. You can decide whether this is true for you or not.

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