I want more. It is said that we should ask, and it will be given. So from this place of having the permission to ask, I want to re-create and re-imagine the life and experiences that I want to continue to create for myself. How can we do this?

If I asked you to describe your imagined vision that you have for yourself and your life, can you do that?

Do you have a clear picture of what you are aspiring to?

And then: are you inspired by what you have created for yourself?

Are you making every decision and action in the direction of your dream/vision or are your actions quite the opposite?

Or, are you bored with your vision?

Have you lost interest in it?

Has your picture ceased to inspire you?

Whose picture is it anyway?

Last week I had the privilege to have an inspiring work session with Michelle Vooght. Michelle, a Divine Guidance Coach is living an inspired life, doing her dream job of working with the Angels as her mystical guides (www.michellevooght.com). Some years ago she left her corporate job, making the courageous decision to follow her heart’s desire to create her own business working with the Angels. She has since created her ideal, imagined life: doing what she loves and what she is passionate about every day! Her life is by no means an impractical life: she has a child to care for, a home, a dog, a car and does regular shopping. She dreams of her next bigger car. What stands out for me? She works with focus and intent, discipline and dedication – every day – towards nurturing her connection to her inspirational vision. Let’s be clear about one thing: there is a definite methodology at work when we engage our intent to realise our vision. It requires work, discipline and a positive attitude.

Do you have an image or a picture in your mind’s eye that was created or influenced by external forces? By your family? Your culture? Other people’s beliefs and dreams for you? External forces have a way of stripping away our personal agency, our sense of ownership. External forces create a box within which we become captive. Rules & culture, traditions, beliefs and religion of your dominant reality will create a neat box from within which you will be orientated toward your life, your career, and your dreams. It is a fact that we feel less committed to something that we are not 100% connected to or had no hand in making. You may even feel that you are living the life of an imposter or that you are a fake.

Are you perhaps in competition with your vision? Can you honestly, hand on heart claim that the vision you have is still inspiring you? Have you re-assessed your vision over time? Have you been re-creating it over the years? If you haven’t, you may well be in competition with your vision. There is a part of you, your inner self that will feel diminished and hidden as a vision influenced and shaped solely by external influences will oppose or ignore your growing inner truth. Alternatively, if the vision you have has become boring or flat you might be running out of inspiration. Western society has brainwashed us into believing that the material and technological things such as cars and devices, homes with creature comforts, and excessive ownership are what defines us as successful and fulfilled. However, this is but one perspective that may leave you feeling your vision is half-baked.

What if we could all learn to think, act and communicate like those who inspire us? What if YOU could become your OWN best inspiration? Imagine a vision for yourself so attractive, so engaging and so exciting, it inspires you to be greater and more magical every day! The energy and force that an inspiring vision activates is as powerful as it is creative.

Have you heard the saying: Think outside the box?

Well here is what it means: If I had superpowers and decide to give you wings and I give you the permission right NOW to leave your box and ascend out of it – hovering some distance above it – lifting your head up, looking at the world that has opened up around you and your life… From this place of different perspective… I am going to ask you to:

NOW describe what you imagine for yourself? What do you dream for yourself?

Imagine and visualise your life from a different perspective!

The creation of a vision is a creative act. What you imagine can be made practical by visualisation. You can make this even more practical by putting your images and pictures down on a poster or a piece of paper. Have you ever done this for yourself? Why not give it a go this week? Sit down, create a quiet, sacred space for yourself and…create your vision for yourself and your life for the next year/few years. DECIDE TO INSPIRE YOURSELF!

Article by Elana Sonnenberg, Founder of YellowTreeHub.