Learn something new, reconnect with nature or step out of your comfort zone – whatever adventure you’re embarking on next to get through the gloomiest day of the year, there’s an Airbnb Category for you.

Booking a trip is always a good idea. Even better to give the right gear to face Blue Monday and get through the third Monday in January, which has become famous in recent years as the saddest day of the year.

Therefore, to face the worst Monday of all and start planning your next “anti-return sadness” trip, you can take a look at Airbnb Categories, a new way to simplify the search for the perfect accommodation based on its characteristics: there are tree houses, castles, houseboats, designer villas, trulli, dammusi, ryokan and much more.

Here are Airbnb’s 10 tips so you don’t get overwhelmed by Blue Monday and start planning your next adventure, discovering some of the most intriguing and fun accommodation to put on your wishlist now.

1. Reconnect With Nature – Caves Category

Reconnect with nature by immersing yourself in the landscape: this accommodation in Vals, Switzerland, has been completely carved out of the mountain and furnished with designer furniture. It is ideal for a detox break in which to regain strength and energy. Among the pluses is a whirlpool bath with a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains.

Link to the Caves Category:

2. Look At Things From A Different Perspective – Towers Category 

Just climb to the top of this old water tank in Warwickshire, UK, to see the world from a different perspective. A unique place that retains many features of the original building. A spiral staircase leads up to the living area in the cistern on the top floor, from where there are spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

Link to the Towers Category:

3. Unleash Creativity – Creative Spaces Category

In this strongly contemporary house, the only obligation is to unleash creativity! It is a quiet retreat in NorthNew York where you can find inspiration in the artist’s studio or other rooms lit by large windows and skylights. Will the muse of art or literature sparkle your inspiration?  

Link to Creative Spaces Category: www.airbnb.com/spazicreativi 

4. Set Off On An Adventure – Campers Category

If you want the thrill of a mini-sized on-the-road experience, this 1968 caravan is for you. The small interior of the vintage Sprite 400 is balanced by the huge surrounding space that includes forest, private beach and cliff, where you can venture out for adventure. Where? In Middelfart, Denmark. 

Link to Campers Category:

5. Learn Something New – Historical Homes Category

Take a look at the Historical homes Category to learn something new. You will also find this 18th-century villa in the Chianti area: a place where art dialogues with culture, surrounded by vineyards and gardens in an idyllic and enchanting setting for your holiday discovering Italy’s incredible historical and cultural heritage. 

Link to the Historical homes Category:

6. Start The Day On The Right Step (And The Right View) – Amazing Views Category 

The best way to start the day? Waking up to a breathtaking view, so breathtaking that an entire category is dedicated to it. The eye sweeps towards the horizon and the sea, the air is laden with salt and the scents of Mediterranean vegetation envelop us in this minimalist-designed accommodation overlooking the bay of Calvi, France

Link to the Breathtaking View Category:

7. Do Something You Never Thought You Would Do – OMG! Category 

Is an extraordinary experience missing from your to-do list? On board this yellow submarine in New Zealand you can set your imagination free by immersing yourself in the joyful atmosphere of the well-known song or the adventures of the great captains. If you are looking to push your limits, why not start with the WOW Category? 

Link to the WOW! Category:

8. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Top Of The World Category 

If you want to almost literally touch the sky with your finger, the Top of the world category is just right for you. Here you will find this accommodation, located 3,650 metres above sea level in Machachi, in the mountains of Ecuador, where on a clear day you can see up to 7 volcanoes and at night a sky studded with stars! 

Link to the Top of the world Category:

9. Take Time For Yourself – Off-The-Grid Category

Forget the to-do list and take some time for yourself within the warm walls of an accommodation such as this lodge in Dalasýsla, nestled in unspoilt surroundings in the mountains of western Iceland. It is the ideal place for a break from hectic life where, if you are lucky, you might even enjoy the magnificent spectacle of the Northern Lights.

Link to Off-the-grid Category:

10. Dedicate Time To Your Loved Ones – Play Category 

Want to spend quality time with someone you love? Check out the Spaces to Play category, where you can find accommodation with areas perfect for having fun with your loved ones, such as this accommodation in Okinawa, Japan, with a room dedicated entirely to play with a wooden playhouse and two-storey slide.  

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Submitted by Irvine Partners