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Develop a Growth Mindset and Build Resilience and Grit

In a world of unpredictable and chaotic change filled with challenges that make it difficult to achieve your goals, using real-life stories, Lois provides A-Z tips on how to build resilience and grit. She will have you laughing as she shares lessons based on her own life and career transitions.

Lois has been through many life and career challenges – from divorce to rape, to starting and losing a business, to starting another business, to forced retirement, to starting again, and again.

As a result, she has built the resilience and grit to manage these changes and develop her mojo with a sense of humour.

She ignites audiences and helps communicate, connect, and catapult them into action. Her stories motivate the audience to build their resilience and grit, to energise their mojo, and to achieve their goals.

This talk covers:

  • Lois shares her own inspirational journey on how she overcame obstacles in her life.
  • A-Z tips on how to build resilience and grit.

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Blogging For Your Business

This talk focuses on an explanation of what blogging is and how you can make use of a blog to benefit your business.

Blogging can be a full time career on its own, however it is also an amazing tool to boost the Marketing and PR efforts of an already existing or new business venture.

List of topics covered in this talk:

Great reasons to blog for your business:

  • Boosting your website SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Solving problems your customers have
  • Establishing yourself as an authority in your industry
  • Building trust
  • Creating more personal relationships with your customers and potential customers
  •  Creating more opportunities for people to share your business
  • Creating new ways to earn from your business.

Ways to use blogging for your business:

  • Building an engaging social media presence
  • Becoming your own influencer
  • Adding new and fun ways to earn an income from your business
  • Networking with people in your niche
  • Making use of live videos
  • Repurposing content.

Overcoming challenges you may face starting your business blog:

  • Getting the confidence to blog
  • What to do if you feel you are not a great writer
  • Finding ideas for fresh content
  • Finding the time to blog
  • Blogging in a personal way vs in a professional way
  • Finding your unique voice.

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Reset Your Business for Success

It is good to set intentions and business goals for a new year, a fresh start. It goes without saying that the beginning of a new year is the time for us to review, evaluate and set new plans in motion. Some start with excitement and good intentions only to find that a few months down the line they have fallen back into “old” habits or struggling to set the goals in motion. Others may have a slower start and find themselves gaining momentum when the year is almost done (again). Have you set goals in January but fallen into your “old” habits again or are you struggling to get your goals in motion?

What’s often overlooked is resetting our internal energy, our mindset, our thought processes and ultimately our holistic alignment towards our intentions. This is what ultimately supports the realisiation of our dreams and goals. Those times when you wished you had an invisible reset button, that would just reset and align your way of working, your limiting beliefs and ultimately your results – this is the reset we are speaking of. We all have that ability within us, you just need to find yours.

This talk uncovers the invisible reset button and how to use it as a powerful tool towards creating the results you seek. The talk also covers:

  • The concept of the RESET circle.
  • Your internal reset button.
  • How to reset limiting beliefs and creative energy.
  • Creating clarity and setting in motion the power of intention
  • A simplified process and tool to actively RESET whenever you need to.

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