Manifest a Prosperous SoulPurpose Business Talk


TOPIC: Manifest a Prosperous SoulPurpose Business with Dina Marais

The following is covered in this talk:

What does it mean to Manifest:
Looking at the Universal Laws of Manifesting – what they are and how they work – the Law of Vibration, Attraction, Perpetual Transmutation, Polarity and Compensation.

The 3 premises of a Prosperous SoulPurpose Business – a Prosperity Mindset including your Relationship with Yourself, the Universe and Money – Alignment with you SoulPurpose, Niche, Avatar, Vision and Offerings – and an Automated Business.

How to break free from fear, doubt, self-sabotage and scarcity speaks about the first premise of a Prosperous SoulPurpose Business, namely cultivating a Prosperity and Abundance Mindset.

Your Personality (thoughts, beliefs, meanings, emotions) creates your Personal Reality. You have to Change your Personality to Change your Personal Reality.

Fear and doubt keep you locked into the old story of who you think you are and to create a new future, you need to become the person who you truly are – your True Self.

How your relationship with yourself, the Universe and Money work together to determine your success:
The 3 Universal Fears: fear of separation, fear of not good enough and fear of losing control is the human condition today and also the Achilles heel in your business and life. These fears impact on your self-image that drives everything in your life and you cannot outperform your self-image.

How to Cultivate an Abundance Mindset:
What are the Pre-Requisites.
Change your Thought and Emotion Patterns.
Upgrade your Self-Image.
Embody the Principles and Practices of Abundance.

The importance of your SoulPurpose Niche and the role it plays in your business:
This is the second premise of a Prosperous SoulPurpose Business and is pivotal to your success, because everything branches out from your Niche. If you think you can work with everybody, you will work with nobody.

How to Launch your New Business:
This is the third premise of a Prosperous SoulPurpose Business and speaks about your business model, strategy, organization, skills, systems and processes that constitute it a business.
Launching your online business and product is a 5-Step Process and takes away the overwhelm or going online.

Bringing it all together.

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