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If you are in a place of transition, a crossroad or crisis, looking to find direction, a passion and ultimately yourself – I will partner with you in a thought provoking, creative process that will inspire you to live a purpose driven life. You will find your ‘why’ and access your deepest wisdom to thrive in a life where you determine your direction. ~Trudy Blake

Meet Trudy

Trucollab, founded by Trudy Blake, is a coaching company that is inspired to motivate people to find what inspires them. Trudy’s passion is for women who are transitioning key life stages Tapping into her own experience and extensive training she is perfectly able to partner with them on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Trudy uses various tools and processes to help people navigate their life to survive major shifts, big transitions and move into new spaces. When that child arrives, life is chaotic, promotion is imminent, a job is lost, that mid-life crisis hits, marriage is straining, a big decision looms or you want to move from employment to self-employment working with Trucollab will give you the tools to navigate and enjoy the journey.

During her successful years as a Fashion Buyer and Buying Executive she started to feel a pull to do something that really made a difference. She led large teams, negotiated big deals, travelled all over the world and reviewed many ranges but something was missing inside.

Rather than spending her days forecasting and sourcing clothing that women wore to feel beautiful on the outside she knew she wanted to make a bigger difference to their inner lives. Some personally challenging years showed her that facing your fears was the only way to grow. She began to realize that to live an authentic life the change had to happen inside so she took the step towards a transformation and started on a journey to become a professional life coach.

Today, instead of focusing on what is on the outside, she sees what is inside and enables people to discover who they really are, and what they want out of life.

Trucollab – inspired and built on the values of collaboration, authenticity, responsibility, optimism and courage has impacted the lives of women of all ages and stages reach personal freedom.

 Trudy is accredited by the International Coaching Federation as a Professional coach (ICF PCC). She completed her diploma in Integral Coaching at The Integral Africa Coaching Centre (TCC) and this approach enables her to help you get a holistic perspective of your whole life which is both enlightening and liberating.

Coaching is a conversation with a purpose and her approach is confidential, courageous, creative and compassionate and she believes the client has the answers and her role is to unlock new perspectives.

Discovering her Enneagram type turned her life around. It is a life changing and liberating tool to really understand yourself, motivations, fears and strengths as well as deepen your compassion for people. As an experienced Enneagram practitioner, she has helped many clients gain the self-awareness, compassion and motivation they need to live a purposeful life. 

Trudy’s enthusiasm for life is contagious and she is an inspiring, creative coach who has an uncanny ability to ‘get you.’ She has coached from the graduate to the MD, in start-ups and corporates, small companies and NGO’s. Her heart is for the client who asks the question, “Is this it?” or “What now?” Her process is flexible, crafted for each client and she – loves one to one coaching and is inspired by the energy of workshops and team coaching. She is also an inspiring speaker and has motivated many people with her insights and stories.

Trudy is also the co-founder of Storylab. After meeting Charissa at a support group at a time when she was reeling from many personal challenges that she had ignored and were tripping her. Their stories connected, their visions aligned and their passion for mental health and the power of storytelling ignited and here they are today changing hearts and lives through the power of storytelling. Their vision is to create opportunities for people to heal by telling their story and the Storylab gatherings and workshops as well as being supported by coaching through their respective coaching companies enables just that.

“I am wired for connection and found those connections have been the source of my greatest joy and sorrow. My life is strengthened because of my relationship with God and belief that self-care is critical to my well-being and ability to have enough for others.

I believe we are living our purpose and writing our story every day – so my invitation takes every opportunity you can to learn, lean in, let come, let go and live in the moment.”

Talks By Trudy

Take Off Your Mask, Go Inside And Ignite Your Story

This talk will inspire you to uncover your stories and give you tools to find the courage to share them. Your stories are the threads that when woven together form the fabric of your life with its imperfections, patterns, pains and pleasure you are stronger because of your stories. They need to be spoken and heard.

We value every story as it reminds us how unique, fascinating, courageous and fragile we all are.

In this talk you will discover 8 tools to owning your story and being able to let go, forgive, love and live a meaningful life that heals your heart and others.

By combining the tools of self-acceptance, trust, openness, being real, having a deep yearning, love, awareness and bravery you will find yourself connecting with yourself and igniting your inner wisdom to tell your story.

What you can expect to take away:

  • True-life storytelling from beginning to end
  • Connection with one another through shared experiences
  • The gift of telling your story – STORYLAB
  • A desire to share your story and grow from the experience
  • Gratitude for a friendly, warm, intimate, honest and life affirming space.

Replay of Talk
Guest Speaker Presentation