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Married mom of two, digital marketing, lover of chocolate, good books and coffee. I blog on a number of my own websites including Kaboutjie and Lynne Huysamen. ~Lynne Huysamen

Meet Lynne

I’m a married mother of two and I live in the beautiful West Coast of South Africa. I make a full time income online while juggling the responsibilities of motherhood and running a household.

I started working online in 2012 and through trial and error over the years I have found a formula that works for me. Making money from home on my own using just a laptop and an internet connection excites me.

I am also a drug addict and alcoholic in recovery for 10+ years now and I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

I am passionate about blogging, parenting, traveling and sharing my experience on addiction and mental health.

Bloggers Engagement & Growth
Bloggers Engagement & Growth is a private ladies only community for women that work online.We plan to build a thriving community – a tribe of women that are passionate about helping each other achieve their goals online.

Our community is based on a points system that rewards the valuable members for their efforts.

Kaboutjie started off in 2012 as an online baby and toddler store that supplied quality clothing and baby products manufactured in South Africa. I launched the business just after I had my first child. I then also started selling wholesale baby clothing made in South Africa.

It was an incredible journey that included opening up a little shop in Langebaan which I ran for two years. My vision was to have a lovely successful business that I would be able to run while bringing up my children.

While learning how to drive traffic to my online store I started learning about blogging and I found my calling. It didn’t take me long to decide to close my online store and change my website to a parenting blog.

So please feel free to share your parenting experiences here, I look forward to hearing from you.

Talks & Presentations By Lynne

Blogging For Your Business

This talk focuses on an explanation of what blogging is and how you can make use of a blog to benefit your business.

Blogging can be a full time career on its own, however it is also an amazing tool to boost the Marketing and PR efforts of an already existing or new business venture.

List of topics covered in this talk:

Great reasons to blog for your business:
* Boosting your website SEO (search engine optimization)
* Solving problems your customers have
* Establishing yourself as an authority in your industry
* Building trust
* Creating more personal relationships with your customers and potential customers
* Creating more opportunities for people to share your business
* Creating new ways to earn from your business.

Ways to use blogging for your business:

* Building an engaging social media presence
* Becoming your own influencer
* Adding new and fun ways to earn an income from your business
* Networking with people in your niche
* Making use of live videos
* Repurposing content.

Overcoming challenges you may face starting your business blog:
* Getting the confidence to blog
* What to do if you feel you are not a great writer
* Finding ideas for fresh content
* Finding the time to blog
* Blogging in a personal way vs in a professional way
* Finding your unique voice.

Recording of Talk
Guest Speaker Presentation.