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“My role as your coach is to support you, challenge you and encourage you.  It’s also my job to tease out the truth in order to empower you to make wise choices about the rest of your life. We laugh, sometimes shed a tear, but we will always grow!”  ~Cherona D

Meet Cherona D

Cherona D is simply put, a Purposepreneur. She has chosen to grow and evolve where she was needed, in a place of influence and essential growth. Business owner, Microsoft Master Instructor, motivational speaker, author, skills influencer, growth crusader, wife and mom to two sons.

With her effortless storytelling abilities and vast business experience, Cherona D trains, mobilises and addresses audiences across South Africa.

In Business:
At the age of 22, Cherona D started a training and development business and has facilitated approximately 300 delegates per year since, estimating a total of 7 000 hands and hearts which she has been able to positively influence, personally and professionally.

Her drive to intentional facilitation, connection with a cup of good strong coffee and the ability to relate to a diverse audience, has made her sought after in her field.

A qualified Microsoft Master Instructor, softskills trainer and confidence coach, Cherona D shares and interprets learning in many spheres. Dubbed a skills influencer, Cherona D is the pom-pom girl for growth, motivation and mobilising countless audiences.

Clients include BHP Biliton, South 32, Toyota, Felix Risk Training Consultants, to name a few.

Business and Confidence Coaching
Where would your business be with a strategic plan and the support & accountability to follow through?​ At its heart, coaching is a conversation that leads to action.  As a specialist confidence coach, Cherona D will help you unlock your best self so that you can live and work from a place of authenticity, peace and strength. 

Cherona D is passionate about women in business and has assisted numerous entrepreneurs to get their business and dream off the ground.  With her vast business knowledge spanning multiple industries, she has assisted civil engineers to beauty salon owners. 

If you are looking at taking the next steps towards growth, be it for your personal confidence or that in business, Cherona D is your go-to-girl. Her sessions are sought after and it is recommended that you book in advance.  Sessions are done virtually and clients worldwide are accommodated  according to their various timelines and criteria.

How do you beat the competition? By building the very best team of people who work collaboratively towards one goal: to be the best in your particular industry.​

 Cherona D offers:

Training in emotional intelligence and soft skills, which builds a deep sense of trust in your team members who then produce excellent work together.

Facilitation, which brings teams together to develop collaborative and innovative solutions to current workplace challenges and to iron out conflict.

Coaching to inspire your leaders to top-level performance and empower them to lead with confidence, clarity and wisdom.

Dubbed a skills influencer by many a journalist, Cherona D has facilitated skills workshops and training to more than 300 delegates per year, spanning over a period of 20+ years.

Author: I am a Purposepreneur

The why
“So, who or what are you, exactly? I inhale and feel the weight of the answer. Will I be too much or too little? You see, I do not have a set job description. I have grown, evolved, grown again and I have continued to do so. I don’t fit the traditional mould.”​

I am a Purposepreneur’ is Cherona’s first book and it is a goldmine packed full of priceless ingots for readers looking for inspiration, as well as those seeking guidance and practical tools to help them to progress in their business.

Be inspired
Cherona has inspired and mobilised countless audiences, and the positive response and success is the driving force behind her writing this book. She is extremely ‘hands-on’, and takes you on her journey to becoming the skills influencer that she is today, coaching you along the way to be intentional in your own journey. Aimed at women in business and young entrepreneurs, growth is a given between the pages of this book.

Highly organised in her thinking, she gives her readers current strategies for social media management, personal discovery, prayer and then anchors it all in scripture. She peppers her story with humorous anecdotes that lighten the mood and make you feel like a best friend, sitting having a cup of coffee at the kitchen table.

Let’s grow
This is a winner all the way that will help you to grow your business and will inspire you to be the best that you can be! A great story, full of invaluable tips for a successful and fulfilling life in Christ, career and as an entrepreneur.

Events and Speaking
“I consider speaking and writing to be important extensions of my work, and am available to present at events and contribute content that inspires and mobilises audiences to make purposeful and positive changes.

My style is warm, empathetic, challenging, focused and fun. I’ve spoken at events across South Africa, for groups from corporate business leaders and entrepreneurs to parents, patients and women’s conferences. I speak on personal and professional growth, resilience and joy theives.