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As a life coach, I employ metaphysics, psychology and personal experience to help high-achievers rediscover their true selves while redefining what stability and risk-taking means. ~Dr Sonia Killik (Mpsy.D)

Meet Sonia

Metaphysician and self-development specialist Dr Sonia Killik (Mpsy.D) is an empowerment coach. Her passion is human potential and partners high-achievers on their road to freedom and growth.

She has spent many years contributing to both national and international publications, writing about all areas of the human experience and psyche. After qualifying as a metaphysical psychologist, she opened a life coaching practice and has been a sought-after contributor in the areas of personal empowerment, and change implementation.

Sonia is the author of Birth: Empowering Women Through their Childbirth Choices and Coach My Life: How to Shake the Past and Shape Your Future.

She was the columnist for Me Magazine, and was awarded the Outstanding Community Honour for promoting the human rights and empowerment of women.

In addition to this, Sonia was recognised by Marie Claire as one of the Female Green Warriors of the Year.

She is the extremely proud mother to a vivacious and fearless daughter, owns an enviously impressive bookshelf, is a clandestine poet, is easily seduced by adrenalin and has a sense of humour that will either have you blushing or laughing, but never bored.

Are you resisting the change you know you need?When exhaustion, resentment, a lack of meaningful relationships, disconnection and emptiness have become your new normal, it is time to courageously choose again. Experience a 180 degree turn around in your health, relationships, life satisfaction, happiness, energy and purpose.

8 weeks of intensely focused support while you transform the key areas of your life.

Regain your focus and make the right decisions for you.

Overcome the fear of what you will lose and embrace the possibilities of an authentic future.

Reconnect to experiences and people that bring you meaning and happiness.

I work with high-achievers who are resisting the change they want in their relationships and life experience. My clients are usually self-starters, disciplined, motivated and understand how to take action. I place a large emphasis on inner transformation as fear and pain are large success blockers, for this reason my clients should be open to having their mindset challenged and be willing to experience an authentic and deep journey into self.

Inspirational Talks By Sonia

Face your Fears – Get What You Want!

Our brains are designed to avoid change…which is bad news for anybody who wants to break free from fear, and stop procrastinating. Luckily, our minds can be easily hacked and the success, relationships and life experiences that you want can be your reality.

Dr. Sonia Killik will show you how your body’s fear-system can work for you…and not against you.

In this entertaining yet knowledge-packed talk, Sonia will guide you through the physiology of fear and procrastination and reveal the methods that you can use immediately to shift your patterns from a negative and unconscious response, to one of an empowered, focused, purpose-filled and creative one.

  1. Learn the simple techniques to permanently transform old fears and habits.
  2. Begin to consciously use the power of your mind to create what it is you want.
  3. Become truly empowered by having the ability to recognise a run-away mind and redirect its energy.
  4. Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to reaching your goals.
  5. Experience a gentler and more enjoyable relationship with yourself as fear and anxiety begin to transform into trust and openess.

If you are ready to fully step into all your potential, if you have been itching to see what is on the other side of fear, this talk is for you.

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Guest Speaker Presentation