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Dear Potential Sponsor

I was blessed with a second chance at living my dream and I am asking you to invest in the future of women so that they can do the same. Do you believe in second chances? Are you aware of how many women are struggling to live with purpose? Do you know how many women don’t believe in their talent, their beauty, or their message to their community? I am living my purpose and dream of being an entrepreneur and more importantly, leading, inspiring, supporting and recognising ordinary South African women to do Extraordinary things and helping them to tell their story because all our stories are Extraordinary. 

Since our launch in 2007 our main event,
Success in High Heels Cocktail Evenings, offers an invaluable opportunity to learn from the stories and experiences of women in leadership roles in their communities and help encourage women to use their lives to make a difference and live with purpose. We look forward to having you join us as our partners to inspire, lead, motivate and support women through stories and lessons from those who’ve had the courage to take the journey ahead of others to expand their capacity, to receive greater wealth, optimal health and love
and purpose in their lives. Together we can all make a significance difference, but singularly it takes a little longer. to make a difference and live with purpose.

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Why Sponsor an Event

Creating an image of success is a smart way to broaden your reach in the market place.

Your reputation as a successful business increases when you work alongside other successful brands.

Through sponsorship, you can harness the power of collective credibility and reach larger audiences through collaboration.

As a Sponsor your Company, big or small, can receive recognition for supporting your local business community. 

We offer various levels of event sponsorships allowing you and your company to customize your level of support.

Xtraordinary Women was founded in 2007 to inspire women to live their lives with purpose.

We use the platform to encourage, coach and support Ordinary Entrepreneurs to do Extraordinary Things.

At Xtraordinary Women, we support the South African economy by building a community of confident and successful entrepreneurs that actively engage and contribute to their community’s growth and development.

Xtraordinary Women is a platform that Leads, Inspires, Supports and Recognises Entrepreneurs in South Africa. It takes a community to build a business, and Xtraordinary Women is that community.

Our Promise:
To inspire success and to create a platform for magic to happen.

Our Purpose:
To encourage and support Ordinary Entrepreneurs to do Extraordinary Things.

Our Vision:
To support the South African economy by building a community of successful entrepreneurs and to showcase what South Africa has to offer.

Xtraordinary Women is passionate about supporting our community and entrepreneurs. With your support we can keep our events affordable:

  • By helping us sponsor an event, you not only support a local business, but our economy
  • Venue, lucky prize and photography sponsors are welcome.

Sponsorship Requirements:

  • Event Photographers
  • Venue Sponsor
  • Lucky Prizes for events


I had the privilege of speaking at the Xtraordinary Women cocktail evening 'Success In High Heels' in November 2011 and have to say it was one of best organised events I have spoken at in a while. Gwens' attention to detail - from the venue, to the catering to the amazing goodie bags - was fantastic. To see over 100 women at an event, all ready to be inspired and network is something very special. I speak at events around the country and Xtraordinary Women certainly know how to put together extraordinary events for women that are inspiring, uplifting and of incredible value. I hope to speak at another event soon!

Verity Price – Singer, Songwriter & Speaker

I just love what Gwen is doing through her channel Xtraordinary women. As mothers, Career women, caregivers, co-coordinators, wives, ex wives, taxi drivers, mediators, daughters, sisters and so much more we rush buy one another at such a pace we forget to connect with other women experiencing the many challenges we all seem to have in common. These events and uplifting testimonials that are shared with women that attend, give us the opportunity to stop and breath with the profound relief that we are not alone. Someone else understands. Well done Gwen, for making a difference in such a very very big way.

Nicole Morris – Director of the House of Fashion

Hi Gwen, What a fantastic experience working with you on the Success in High Heels event. As one of your guest speakers I felt included, encouraged and appreciated every step of the way. Your organisation was fantastic, your choice of venue magnificent and your sense of humour unfailing. It's been a real pleasure working with you. Thank you! I wish you every success in the future. Warm regards Robyn

Robyn Young – Chief Creative Officer, Brandheart

Thanks to Gwen for inviting me to speak on how to 'Discover your personal brand and professional image' at the Xtraordinary Woman Blouberg networking breakfast. Not only was the audience delightful, but I was impressed with how well the event was organised and run. I first met Gwen years ago when Xtraordinary Woman was merely her vision and dream. It's wonderful to see how she has turned her dream into a reality and is inspiring and supporting women in business.

Tracy Gold, Personal Stylist, Fashion Designer and Video Blogger

Gwen Serrotti is an extraordinary leader, supporter and networker. She personifies her brand. Her business network is head and shoulders above others in Cape Town because of her attention to detail and personal care towards her members. The support received by Xtraordinary Women and Gwen Serrotti has helped me and my business grow immensely. Xtraordinary Women help their members grow through inspirational meetings, leadership, 'tribe' support, and acknowledgement and recognition. I can highly recommend this network under Gwen's leadership.

Robyn Lambrick, CEO @ Word-on-the-Street Media

To Gwen Serrotti and the amazing team behind Xtraordinary Women, the Members, the Guests, the Chapters - it is so awesome to see the personal & business growth of both members and guests, as the months fly by! Thank you, Gwen, for your leadership, support and passion for others, the support you provide for entrepreneurs are truly inspiring .... the relationships that are formed are invaluable - thank you, thank you, thank you...

Michelle Vooght,

For me Xtraordinary Women is just the coolest network to be a member of. All round hot favourite.

Rose McClement, Founder of Design Monarchy

The feeling of camaraderie and the honest sharing, is invaluable to any business. It is encouraging and very inspiring! It is as though you have an extended family in the business world.

Charmaine Willemse, Rooibos Always

Thank you Xtraordinary Women for all your support and connecting so many inspirational women. I've made lifelong powerful connections by attending your networking events!

Marnita Oppermann, Mindful Money Coach

The Xtraordinary Women Network did wonders to me as a business person. It let me be and understand that I am not alone in this (business) world and that we all struggle with similar things. Money aside: Support at this network rocks!

Bashia Galt, i-Check Data Solutions

The biggest gift I have received from Xtraordinary Women is the space and platform to grow, build confidence and be true to oneself. Feedback, encouragement and being vulnerable paves the way to great things!

Diana Rankin, Founder of Perfume Power

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Sponsorship Opportunities

We are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs, with an honest desire to inspire people to DREAM BIG and to live their lives with purpose, no matter where they are in their journey. Sponsorhip opportunities exist for:

Networking Events
Our Networking Events are specifically designed to provide bite-sized information that can be immediately implemented in your business. These sessions also focus on effective networking and building lasting business relationships.

Cocktail Evenings
Our Cocktail Evenings are designed to inspire our guests to DREAM BIG and to live their lives with purpose. Successful businesswomen share their personal success story. These events are jam packed with inspiration, entertainment and fun.

Event Photographers

We require event photographers to capture the special moments at our events.

Venue sponsors

Xtraordinary Women has become synonymous with great venues.  

Lucky Prizes

Sponsoring a lucky prize is a great way to gain extra exposure.

Corporate Sponsor

Sponsor an event and support a community of entrepreneurs. 

Sponsor an Entrepreneur

Sponsor a seat for an Entrepreneur at one of our events.

Social Media

Social Media forms and integral part of our events and often our events trend on Twitter. Help us get the word out there.